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Early Orthodontic Treatment For Children

Making people smile is the best profession in the world. To be a part of the process and help guide each patient along the path is empowering, challenging, exciting, and gratifying. Working with people is what life is all about.

A straight tooth to me is just one aspect of orthodontics; the smile of a patient when we unveil their new smile is really the realization you have brought some happiness to someone’s life. I love helping people on their journey to realizing that they have a beautiful smile just waiting to be created.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment in Fairfax, known as Phase One, aims to correct bite problems such as an under bite as well as guide the jaw’s growth pattern. It also helps to make room in the mouth for the permanent teeth to be properly placed as they come in. This will greatly reduce the risk of a child needing extractions later in life due to teeth getting crowded.

What are indications for early treatment?

Early or late loss of permanent teeth

Difficulty in chewing

Breathing through the mouth

Thumb sucking

Crowded, misplaced or blocked–out teeth

Jaws that are that are too far forward of back

What are the benefits of seeking orthodontic treatment early?

Early orthodontic treatment typically begins while the child’s jaw bones are still soft. They do not harden until the children reach their late teens. Because the bones are still pliable, corrective procedures such as braces work faster than they do for adults.

Treatment Options


Invisalign is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic technology. Unlike the more traditional braces or retainers, Invisalign is a virtually invisible method of straightening your teeth. You will be fitted with removable, see-through aligners that have been specifically crafted to fit your teeth. It is removable during treatment, which allows you to eat normally and brush and floss as you usually would.

Damon Smile

Damon braces are self-ligating appliances that are fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. But instead of having brackets that tighten and adjust the braces regularly, Damon braces use a slide mechanism that attaches wires to brackets to move naturally with the teeth as they realign. This makes them more comfortable, better looking and able to provide strong results in a shorter time.


Looking for braces without huge metal brackets and wires on your teeth? With In-Ovation system braces, achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is fast and comfortable. In-Ovation braces offer a low profile treatment option that’s easier and less demanding of your time.


Unlike Traditional orthodontic treatment, which relies on plaster models and X-rays, SureSmile provides your orthodontist with a detailed 3-D computer model of your teeth for planning your individual tooth movements throughout the treatment process. With the efficiency of SureSmile, you’ll spend less time in braces and have high-quality results.

Clarity and Clear Braces

Clarity braces are the clear alternative to metal braces. They provide an attractive translucent appearance and comfortable design gives you all the self-confidence you need to face each day with a smile. Clarity braces won’t stain or discolor. You’ll be noticed but your braces won’t.


The Incognito braces is a new generation of braces for people of all ages. Because the braces are placed behind the teeth no one will ever know that you are wearing them unless you tell them! They are custom made just for your teeth

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Most of the people confuse with Dentofacial Orthopedics with regular Orthopedics. Orthodontics is primarily concerned with the movement and growth of your teeth, while dentofacial orthopedics is concerned with facial development and bone growth that impacts the shape and alignment of your teeth and jaw.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein a person unknowingly stops breathing while asleep, only to start breathing again a few seconds later. Frequent incidents of sleep apnea can lower the quality of sleep and typically results in excessive daytime sleepiness. Dentists are often the first ones to diagnose sleep apnea because patients typically see them more than their doctor. A dentist may refer the patient to a sleep medicine specialist. The patient may have to return to the dentist for further treatment.

TMJ/TMD Treatments

Your temporomandibular joint is a hinge that connects your jaw to the temporal bones of your skull, which are in front of each ear. It lets you move your jaw up and down and side to side, so you can talk, chew, and yawn. Problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it are known as Temporomandibular Disorders. Pain or tenderness in your face, jaw joint area, neck and shoulders, and in or around the ear when you chew, speak, or open your mouth wide are the common symptoms of TMD.

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