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Treat Type-2 Diabetes with Acupuncture in NYC

Type-2 diabetes is one of the common lifestyle diseases that affects more than a million people every year. A metabolic disorder that makes one’s system unable to regulate the blood sugar level, it can get worse with time especially if the patient is careless with diet, exercise and medication. The condition lasts a lifetime and that is the reason why it is so important for the patients to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels and undergo regular check ups to ensure that the rest of the system is functioning properly.

Among the many treatment options that promise to improve the condition of those suffering from the ailment, acupuncture in NYC comes with its own benefits.

* Qualified acupuncturists in NYC can help moderate the stress response in patients.
* Dedicated treatment and regular acupuncture sessions can regulate the natural production of insulin while directly improving the blood glucose levels.
* Diabetes can lead to circulatory complications too. But acupuncture sessions can target this problem or its probability by improving the patient’s blood circulation and thereby slowing the onset of the said circulatory problems.
* It is also known to improve the blood lipid profile in the patient.

Acupuncture can be easily incorporated into the integrated treatment plan for the ailment. Besides, it can be easily combined with the prescribed medication that is being taken by the patient at present. All of this in combination with healthy lifestyle practices can help prevent and slow down the progression of the disease.

* The link between pressure points and health of a diabetic person
Acupuncture targets the several pressure points that are distributed all over the body on several meridians. In general, there are pressure points that are linked to different parts and organs of the body and focusing on them can help relieve stress and pain in many ways. Along the same lines, a qualified acupuncturist would know where to focus in order to improve the health of the pancreas, the organ responsible for secreting insulin.

* Acupuncture with Chinese herbal medication
Herbal medication is an effective and important part of treating diabetes. Whether it is improving glucose tolerance in the patient or treating complications like blurry vision, the right dosage and combination of several herbal remedies along with proper acupuncture treatment has known to produce remarkable and effective results. In fact, a combination of the therapy and Oriental medicine can be extremely helpful in assisting the body to regain its normal healthy ways of functioning.

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