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Understanding The Methodology Of Bypass Surgery

What is Heart Bypass Surgery?

Cardiac Bypass Heart Surgery is used to replace the damaged arteries in the heart. A surgeon usually uses another area of the body to repair the arteries. This surgery is usually done when the coronary artery is blocked or damaged.If theses arteries are blocked or blood does not flow properly then this causes damage in the heart which might lead to death.

What are the different categories of heart bypass surgery?

There are basically four different categories of heart bypass surgery which are as follows-
1)Single Bypass-only one artery is blocked
2)Double Bypass-only two arteries are blocked
3)Triple Bypass-only three arteries are blocked
4)Quadruple Bypass-only four arteries are blocked

It usually depends upon the no of arteries which are blocked more the arteries are blocked more does the surgery gets complex.

When do you realise that you need a Heart Bypass Surgery?

A heart surgery is required when there are too many blocks in the heart and also when these blocks cannot be controlled by medication.

Conditions which cause to complications include are:
Kidney Disease
Peripheral Artery Disease

How can this be controlled?
It can be controlled by maintaining a good healthy diet also by exercising on a regular basis.

Why choose Dr Semitha?

Dr Semitha, one of the leading bypass surgeon in Mumbai will assure you quality.We are a panel of qualified professional who assure in making your life a better one. We provide with the best heart surgeons in mumbai which will not lead to heart failure in the near future.

What are the different alternatives to heart bypass surgery?

In the past few decades there is no complete cure however there is only medication through which it can completely cured….

The following are the alternatives to bypass surgery

Balloon angioplasty
Balloon angioplasty is most common recommended by doctors.During this treatment a small tube is inserted in the artery and also a balloon is inserted to widen the artery.

The another way to control heart attack is continuously follow the medication cycle which is prescribed by the doctor.

Diet and Exercise
The another method to avoid heart attack is maintain a balanced diet and also exercise on a regular basis.

What are the outcomes and long term effects of a bypass surgery?
After a successful bypass surgery the shortness of breath , high blood pressure and tightness of chest are most likely to improve

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