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Advices for Vacationers Planning to have a Holiday in Thailand

Thailand is surely one of the most favorite touristic destinations all over the world. During the past two decades, numerous tourists from various regions around the world started booking their travel packages to Thailand to enjoy a magnificent vacation.

There are for sure some distinctive features about this wonderful destination! Thailand has also been quite popular among honeymooners who prefer to tour Thailand in their most precious journey. Today, we would be pointing out some important advices and tips for those who wish to spend a wonderful vacation in Thailand.

1- Carefully organize the cities and the sites you wish to explore

Thailand has too much to offer to various vacationers! This is actually a fact. There is a wide range of places including a flourishing capital, Bangkok, wonderful mountains, amazing tropical beaches, and some of the world's finest island. You would not be able to cover all of these in one tour to Thailand. This is why you should set your preferences early before your vacation.

2- Identify where you would stay before your arrival

This is actually a recommended advice for vacationers planning to enjoy a trip to any destination around the world. Yes, you can put your bag on your back and wonder around from one hotel to the other until you find one that best suits your needs and budget. However, it is always preferable to book your travel package to Thailand including the hotel before you depart from your country.

3- Read about the culture of the country

Just like any other destination in the world, it is always better to have a background about the culture of the people before you begin your trip to Thailand. Some normal behaviors and activities for many peoples around the world might be improper for other people in certain destinations.

4- Avoid riding auto rickshaw

Although the traditional auto rickshaw is one of the symbols of Thailand, it is also one of the most expensive means of transportation in the country especially in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

5- Conservative clothes

It is always advisable to wear conservative clothes while vesting one of the historical temples during your tour to Thailand. Women should avoid wearing short or tight clothes during their visits to various religious places. Visitors should also put into consideration that in some particular temples in Thailand photography is totally prohibited.

6- Respect the King and the Royal Family of Thailand

This is among the most important advices for any travelers planning to go on vacations in Thailand. Saying negative remarks or mocking the king or the royal family of Thailand is considered illegal and might cause some troubles.

7- Try Street Food

Street food is among the experience travelers who tour Thailand should try. There are hundreds of vendors in various cities around the country that offer several traditional dishes of Thailand. Many of the sellers in food kiosks speak English and know how to perfectly deal with tourists.

8- Carry an English Tai Dictionary with you

Although most of the people of Thailand, especially in touristic places, know some English, it is also quite advisable to have an English Tai dictionary around. This might prove to be quite helpful in various situations.


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