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Make Spelling Fun for Any Age

Spelling practice can be a nuisance if your child is not into your methods. Enticing your eight year old is a lot different than getting your fourteen year old interested in a spelling test. At SpellQuiz we have created educational, easy to follow curriculums that include fun spelling bees and a spelling test section for grades 1 thru 12 and even adults. Here are a few extra ways to get your kids excited about spelling as soon as possible.

Make it a game

Adding a little competition into the mix always makes things more interesting. Find age appropriate spelling practice games online or ask your child’s teacher for suggestions. Obtain a list of spelling words from your child’s teacher as well to help out with homework in a fun way. Throw your own mini spelling bee by getting other siblings and family members involved. Your child will be encouraged to take this spelling test, disguised as a game and have a blast in the process.


For older kids and adults utilize the board game Scrabble. This amusing and educational game will keep them on their feet and act as incognito spelling practice. Place bets for things like chores or dinner duty on the winner and really get the competition going. Don’t forget to always keep a dictionary on hand to ensure correct spelling!

Get creative with food

Perfect for younger children who are learning their two and three letter words. Bake some cookies made into letter shapes with the use of cookie cutters. Have your child help you bake and decorate the cookies and then let them arrange the cookies into words. Allow your child a cookie once they have spelled five words for the perfect mix of spelling practice and snack time.

Create themes

Use upcoming holidays, birthdays, colors, and animals as themes. You can choose a different theme for each day to keep your child on their toes. At the end of the week create a spelling test using a mix of the week’s words. Add in an incentive program to really get your child excited about the idea.

Crossword puzzles

Another great option for older kids and adults are crossword puzzles. You can create customized crossword puzzles online or use a premade puzzle. This adult form of spelling practice can be found in newspapers, magazines, and online in premade versions.

Build it

Use blocks with letters printed on them to spell out words for younger children. In older children have them build the letters out of Legos or blocks for added difficulty. Get creative and let your kids use straws or string to make letters out of.

The important thing is to encourage your child when it comes to spelling. Utilizing fun activities and SpellQuiz can help to keep children and adults interested in spelling practice. Sticking to a spelling routine and rewarding advancements with praise is a sure way to keep your fledgling speller on track for success in and out of the classroom.

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