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What Foods Are Bad For Your Teeth?

The kind of foods we consume can be seen in our teeth. Many foods and drinks can cause damage to the teeth, particularly those that contain huge amounts of sugar. Cavities is one of the most common chronic disease and lead to complications like chewing problems, pain and tooth abscesses. Poor oral health can also lead to plaque formation andgive way to more serious gum diseases. Here are some food items you need to avoid.
1. Sour Candies – Not surprisingly, candy tops the list as one of the worst foods for your teeth. Sour candies, in particular, contain a tougher kind of acid compared to the conventional sweets. They are chewy so they stick to the teeth longer, and therefore are more likely to lead to decay.
2. Bread – When chewed and broken down into sugar, bread forms into a paste-like substance that easily lodges between teeth, leading to cavities. When buying carbs, reach for whole wheat and other less-refined varieties.
3. Alcohol – Drinking alcohol dries out the mouth, so there is a lack of saliva to keep the teeth and mouth healthy. Saliva washes away food particles and keeps food from sticking to the teeth. It also helps in repairing early signs of gum disease and tooth decay.
4. Carbonated Drinks – Carbonated soda allow plaque to produce more acid that attacks the tooth enamel. It also dries the mouth, so you have less saliva. Plus, carbonated drinks of dark-colored varieties can stain or discolor the teeth.
5. Ice –It might seem harmless since it is all water, but studies have shown that chewing on hard objects can damage the enamel and put you at a higher risk for cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Use the ice to chill your drinks, but do not chew them.
6. Dried Fruits – It is easy to confuse dried fruits as healthy snacks, but most of them are sticky. Thus, they can easily cling to your teeth and their crevices. If you eat these snacks, thoroughly rinse your mouth afterwards. If you can brush and floss afterwards.
It is good news that there are several ways to avoid plaque and cavities from developing, such as staying away from the food items listed above. Of course, do not forget to regularly brush your teeth and floss regularly. Also make sure that you regularly visit your dentist. Ask your oral health professional for more tips on how to keep your oral health at its best.


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