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How to Create a Content Workplace

Employees are the backbone of any organization. Without the employees, the company is as shallow as a dry well with nothing productive being drawn out of it. To make sure that your company is successful you need to have a workforce. Not just a workforce, but a “HAPPY WORKFORCE”. The key to a happy workforce is a positive and healthy work environment. Gone are the days when employees only looked for high paying jobs in a ruthless office environment. Nowadays employees not only focus on the monetary benefits of their job but also other psychological factors which would bring them closer to satisfaction at all levels. Therefore, office environment plays a vital role in today’s booming corporate sector.

RMSI, a global IT services company providing geospatial and software services to clients across the globe has surpassed Google, which has been topping the best employer charts for the past 5 years. In 2009, RMSI was ranked the best company to work for in India. RMSI believes in the tagline of ‘People are respected and performance is nurtured’. The company has a positive response from its employees as it provides flexible working hours according to their convenience, multi-cultural exposure through onsite work opportunities and leadership development through mentoring and coaching.

Google India, Marriott Hotels India, American Express India, SAP Labs India, Godrej Consumer Products, and Lifestyle International have satisfied employees in India because of the healthy, happy and friendly work environment.

Companies have started focusing on the work environment and adopting new modern approaches. The employees should be given freedom to choose their working hours according to their convenience. Some companies even give the option of “Work from home”, where your home becomes your office space. Companies are becoming more goal-oriented with a need of efficient employees.

The employee should feel one with the organization. He or she should feel at home. They should have the freedom to express themselves without any barriers and communicate well at all levels for the betterment of the organization. Earlier, the relationship between the employer and employees was very hierarchal and “top down” in nature. The boss had the supreme power. The relationship was almost transactional in nature, devoid of warmth and intimacy. The working environment was very strict. Employees almost felt like they were working in a jail. This kind of atmosphere gave rise to absenteeism and employee turnover.

In many organizations, people from different communities and culture come together to work. These organizations have to keep in mind that there should be mutual respect amongst the employees for their respective cultures and the workplace is unbiased. There should a committee where a person facing culturally sensitive issues can freely complain about it and the committee may take actions accordingly. There are many cases that have been observed where people don’t like to go their office because they are bullied on religious and communal grounds. Employers should make sure that such situations don’t arise. There should a proper scheme and procedure to tackle such scenario and make sure that the work environment is safe for all employees regardless of their caste, creed, and religion.

Another sensitive issue which arises in workplaces is the safety of women. In today’s fast developing world women are no longer shy to step out into the world and earn their own living. But the society is not letting these ladies work to their full potential. Women face gender discrimination in various steps of their career, from not being paid equally for the opposite sex to their struggle for promotion and recognition. It is really important to give equal chance to females and provide them with a friendly unbiased working environment.

A happy workplace not only makes your employees delighted but it also benefits the company. The organizational goal is achieved faster and the overall production is booming as compared to other companies where the working environment is an authoritative one. A leader should build an environment where there is a sense of responsibility and integrity along with peace and satisfaction. Many employees see their offices as a jail where they are locked up and they have to go through the monotonous work routine every day. The board of the company should make sure that the employees are happy. It’s not necessary that the company makes big changes for the satisfaction of the employees, but small changes can make a big difference. Many organizations give small breaks during the working hours, they provide free refreshments, spacious relaxation rooms, weekly yoga sessions, green plants within the office premises, counselors to assist them through work and home problems and many more small initiatives which make a lot of difference.

Employees at Google India, Bangalore explain their work environment as “awesome”. There is no dress code for the employees. Everyone wears comfortable clothes, mostly jeans, and the t-shirt. Google makes sure that the employees feel no work pressure. They have facilities like massage chairs, spa, gym, micro-kitchens, music rooms, table tennis tables, cricket nets and much more. They also provide one trip per team each year. The teammates decide any place where they want to go for vacation and Google pays all the expenses. Google also lets its employees work from home in case an unavoidable situation turns up. Google refunds for the internet connection at home and provides a 19-inch monitor to work at home. Employees never feel the Monday blues at Google India. And the simple reason for this is their mind-boggling work environment. It has everything that an employee can wish for. This set up is followed by Google in all their locations in India, not just Bangalore.

Google is one the best places to work in because of their environment and it is successful as well because of its content employees. Happy employees perform better and achieve their targets. More ever, they are enthusiastic towards their target and are always willing to take up new projects. Hence, if a company wants to improve its performance and increase its profits it has to make sure that the employees are satisfied.

It is not easy to create an environment that is friendly as well as productive. But the key to success is a satisfied workforce. Therefore companies should focus on making their workplace a content one.


This is written by Neha Tomar.

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