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SEO vs PPC: Is it even a battle

Go slow and steady and then combine to win the link race

To understand the ongoing battle between SEO and PPC it is first necessary to understand what the two terms mean. The most important distinction between SEO and PPC is that the traffic coming from PPC is not free while the one from SEO is. Both SEO and PPC are a part of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is a tool that can be used as a part of the overall marketing campaign.

So why is it believed that SEO and PPC which ultimately serve the same purpose are at polar ends of each other? In reality, SEO and PPC should not be battling each other; rather using them together makes for a potent combo, one which can be a powerful marketing punch. Fitting the SEO puzzle to PPC can be an extremely beneficial one as using both simultaneously can increase the overall search results.

At the time of thinking about SEO strategy, using accurate data from PPC along with a trusted keyword helps prioritize the keywords to optimize for faster results. When the SEO team focuses on the PPC keywords, the traffic is grabbed more effectively.

It is quite well known that SEO requires a lot of time and effort and is also heavy on the pocket. But when you combine PPC with SEO, one can test the keywords performance with PPC before plunging deep into it.

PPC can be used to retarget the SEO visitors in order to ensure that they end up getting what they came looking for. Combine PPC+SEO with RSLA and display retargeting and behold, you have a way to earn back the lost revenue.

Using quality PPC increases the chances of visitors linking and sharing the page so as to generate more users who can then be turned into consumers.

Given that SEO is a long term game, it becomes extremely important to know the kind of messaging that will work in the most rewarding manner in order to match the internet search engine. This not only helps the user experience but also the conversion rate and the revenue generated from the link.

Rather than paying for clicks that might not turn into conversions it is better to prioritize the keywords through SEO strategy and then fuel the cash back into the PPC campaigns. So set some PPC keywords at low bids and then check if there is enough volume for that keyword.

Putting together the puzzle of SEO and PPC is a sure shot way to boost your channel. To have a better idea about how to combine SEO with PPC and use them to generate maximum revenue, pay a visit to our website.

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