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Basic Paraphrasing Techniques

With the advancing era, many new techniques and processes are introduced to upgrade the quality of work and share innovative and creative ideas. Paraphrasing in the field of writing, specially academics, is one of the key factors for bringing a change in the written text, knit fresh themes and all in one, just to cater such projects that are not based on the same boring routine patterns. From business deals to university related assignments to simple literature, paraphrasing is what keeps you going when the old, boring ways of writing get exhausted and new procedures are required for building the readership.

There are many techniques for paraphrasing however, below are the few basic ways through which paraphrasing is usually done. These are the mostly used ways that help the writers to paraphrase effectively.

1. Change from a clause to phrase or vice versa:

The example is given below in order to clear the concept.

After he studied, Elize took a nap.

Changed version: After studying, Elize took a nap.

The above examples shows the usage of changing the clause into a phrase which keeps the meaning of the sentence intact and hence, the text is written in a different manner to give a perfect show of paraphrasing.

2. Change from a quoted speech to an indirect speech:

As seen in the following example below.

Mr.Hon said, “I am ready for lunch.”

Changed version: Mr.Hon said that he was ready for lunch.

One of the most effective ways of paraphrasing, a direct speech is converted into an indirect one without losing the main idea of what the speaker said. In this way, the quoted speech is opened and rephrased however; the basic idea of the words of the speaker still remains as original as mentioned in the original speech.

3. Change from Active voice to Passive voice:

Another paraphrasing technique, showed through the following example.

A taxi driver will carry your luggage.

Changed version: Your luggage will be carried by a taxi driver.

Conversion from an active voice to a passive one is one of the most used techniques in paraphrasing. It gives a writer an edge of elaborating the meaning without losing the original essence.

These are three of the very crucial techniques that are followed in any paraphrasing course. Online paraphrasing professionals and all other paraphrasing services follow these basic rules for getting maximum results to serve the clients’ demands.


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