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Technical writing for HR professionals

Technical writing and HR professionals? Could one think of a link between the two totally disparate disciplines? Well, strange as it may seem, there is a link between technical writing and HR. Technical writing for HR professionals is a skill that needs to be perfected and a field that needs to be pursued to its logical end, because HR professionals, especially those who work in technology companies, need to draft many write-ups that are of a technical nature.
These write-ups could be in the form of instructional guides, technical reports, procedures, many kinds of correspondence, and sometimes just emails. Throwing the hands up and giving up is of no help or value to either the organization or to the HR professional who shows this kind of negativity. Rather, the need for HR professionals is to learn the art of technical writing. This is what makes technical writing for HR professionals an important learning.
Understanding the reader’s mind and needs
Any write-up of a technical nature from HR has to be tuned to the needs of the reader. Technical writing for HR professionals is important for a number of reasons. Technical writing from HR professionals has to be polished to make sense and be readable. Getting the people for whom it is intended to pay attention is a challenge, which is why technical writing is important for HR professionals.
Moreover, when technical writing goes out from HR to some destination outside the organization, it will make or break the impression created about the organization. Even a shabbily worded email can damage the reputation that HR has with the organization. The technical writing from HR professionals has to be absolutely error-free, very precise and pleasing. This is why technical writing skills for HR professionals are a must.
How are technical writing skills for HR professionals to be honed?
Technical writing for HR professionals can be practiced and honed in a number of effective ways. A highly educative webinar from TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will explain the importance of technical writing for HR professionals.
At this webinar, Mandi Stanley, who brings more than 16 years of experience on the seminar circuit and is Mississippi’s first ever Certified Speaking Professional, a designation conferred on one in eleven speakers worldwide, will be the speaker. Want to gain the benefit of the experience Mandi brings and understand how technical writing benefits HR professionals? Just log on to to register for this webinar.
Making technical writing from HR more effective
At this webinar on technical writing for HR professionals, Mandi will explain that the secret to a writer's success lies in segmenting the prewriting, writing, and rewriting phases to produce shorter, and clearer, more meaningful documents. She will show participants of this webinar on technical writing for HR professionals how they can learn to “Write It So They Read It”, even with technical documentation.
This webinar on technical writing for HR professionals will benefit professionals such as Human Resources Professionals, Administrative Professionals, Training Specialists and Learning and Development Specialists immensely. Mandi will cover the following areas:
o A proven technique for writing crystal-clear reports, including good and bad examples
o How to describe a complicated subject in clear and concise terms
o What to do when you can't avoid using technical jargon
o How to eliminate clichés, wasted words, and "smothered verbs" in technical writing
o AUDIENCE FAVORITE: The five new guidelines for using bulleted lists in your message
o Language guidelines for better receptivity such as non-inflammatory language, gender-neutral references, and attention to tone
o How to use mapping for instructional writing in technical documents
o The secret to organizing your ideas quickly
o How to distinguish among the prewriting, writing, and rewriting phases for reports and projects
o A step-by-step process for editing and proofreading your final draft (it works every time)
o How to make sure technical documents with your firm's name and seal on them are absolutely error free.


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