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A Brief Overview on Pre and Post Workout Meals and Supplements !

If you train extremely with weights and your goal is to put on solid muscle mass, there are two meals that are of greatest importance; your pre and post-workout meals. This doesn’t means that you have to leave the rest of your meals chance as you should focus on getting quality food sources and nutrients during the day. But before and after workouts are the most crucial times to fuel your body for exhausting weight training terms, and start the repair and recovery process. There are numerous pre and post workouts supplements such as creatine and glutamine, this article will help you to know the actual meal that will be most effective for these time.
You are getting ready for gym, before one hour ago; you have decided or mentally prepared yourself, you have charted out in your brain about how much amount of weight you are going to lose. Your pre workout meal is going to provide you with energy and sustainability during your workout. The most effective way to do this is through protein shakes. For starters, you need instantaneous protein so whey protein is the best choice as it is quickly absorbed. You also need complex carbohydrates for fuel. Low glycemic carbohydrates will give you maintainable energy. If you only take in simple carbohydrates, which are high in sugar, you may exhaust more quickly. However, a combination of both complex and simple carbohydrates will work just fine. An instance of a solid pre workout meal is given below:
Pre-Workout Meal

40 grams of whey protein
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 banana
10 ounces of water

After struggling so much of hours in the gym, and while walking out from the gym and reach home, and if for several hours you don’t eat anything, then the struggle you did in the gym is all wasted. Now your muscles are screaming for nutrients and to be replenished. This meal is imperative because you need to kick start the recovery-process. You've torn down your muscles and the only way to make them grow bigger is to feed them.
Even if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, it's still a good idea to overflow your structure with carbohydrates directly after your workout. Like the pre workout meal, the most well-organized and effective way to ingest these nutrients is in the system of a protein shake. Below is an excellent high calorie, quality post-workout meal.
Post-Workout Meal
40 grams of whey protein
1 banana
1 teaspoon of peanut butter
1 teaspoon of honey
12 ounces of milk


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