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The Advantages Of Using The Centurion D5 Evo

The centurion D5 Evo is the ultimate brand that you can rely upon in order to have automated functions. Boom gate is the biggest example that is helped in smooth and faster operation by this sliding gate motor.

The advanced technologies

Power failure protection has been pioneered by the centurion D5 Evo as it has been equipped by advanced battery backup. The centurion D5 Evo has made its name especially for the way it functions. The speed is high; hence the boom gate is operated with much ease. A 4 m gate can be opened in just 12 seconds by this D5 Evo. So it’s quite evident how fast and efficiently it works. You can open it just way you like it. It can be opened rapidly but a much tempered closing is required. The acceleration and deceleration of a gate can be varied with the help of this operator. Thus it helps to move the gate smoothly. It has a very potent push force and a very compact package. You can rely completely on this as this product can move any gate up to 500 kg with equal effort and ease for a long time.


The D5 Evo is so advanced that it can open and close a gate accurately right at the position it is expected each and every time. It remains wide awake to any obstruction that tries to cross its path because of the sensitivity. It ensures safety and security as the operator is equipped with anti – crushing protection. The D5 Evo has a very attractive look compared to the original one. The LCD based controller looks very attractive and even children can operate this easily. There are endless features that are added to this controller – multiple modes of operation, positive close mode, real time clock, alarm functions and also a calendar to enable any time based feature. All the features help in diagnostic feedback.

Points to remember

The D5 Evo should be installed and operated only if you are sure it will not pose any obstacle and hazard for public. The careful handling can only assure you safety from the controller’s end or else, this can be very risky for anyone, especially children. As the D5 Evo is very easy to operate, similarly it has many risks that can harm living beings. You have to observe points like whether it is swinging freely. The operator cannot function smoothly if it is left in any position. It can be installed in order to have enough clearance between moving parts especially during the opening and closing so that the risk of personal injury and damage can be reduced.

It is important that the guide – rollers ensure that the gate is held vertically. Boom gates are very delicate objects that have to be handled with enough care and D5 Evo serves that purpose but careless use of the controller can pave the way to many accidents. Hence some safety measures should also be adopted for its smooth running.

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