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The Thrilling Great Barrier Reef Underwater Tour

Australia is a land of natural wonders. The beaches of Australia are world famous for the beauty they hold. One such natural wonder which has been gifted to Australia is The Great Barrier Reef. This marvellous creation has been created by living Coral Polyps. These tiny creatures are so perfect in their work that you will be amazed by their skills. The vibrant and electric colours are so tempting and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Great Barrier Reef lays in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is the world’s largest reef system and supports a wide diversity of flora and fauna. Another amazing feature which adds a feather in the reef’s cap is that it can also be seen from the outer space. This is the only natural wonder which is visible from the space. In 1981 it was selected as a World Heritage site and is tagged as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. However the reefs are in danger due to the rise in the temperature of the environment. Other factors that contribute in damaging the reef systems are the pollution and ignorance towards it. The reefs are the indicator of earth’s health and their damage means a big threat to the environment and the other eco systems as well.

These marine gardens attract a lot of tourist due to their unprecidented beauty. The Great Barrier Reef is a world famous tourist spot. Nothing could be more adventurous than taking a Great Barrier Reef Underwater Tour. However to explore this magical land one must hire a tour operator who can guide you to the best of places of this marine garden along with mentoring you that how the beauty can be enjoyed without harming the reef system. This condition is without doubt fulfilled by the Sunset Safaris- the best tour operators in the region. With their excellent facilities and hospitability they have successfully acquired the position of being the number 1 choice of the tourists coming over here. They operate from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. You can choose any of the three mentioned pick up points. The three day tour will definitely leave a remarkable impression.
The activities which can be enjoyed at Great Barrier Reef are snorkelling, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing. Snorkelling is one of the most sought after activity here. The equipments and snorkelling gears are provided by Sunset Safaris and the fully guided tours make sure that you discover every nook and corner of the reef. You would get a chance to be intimate with the most exotic underwater park with a number of marine species accompanying you and entertaining you with their marvellous beauty. The live turtle encounter at Mon-Repos is another famous attraction. The Mon- Repos Turtle Conservation centre works for the conservation and preservation of turtles. If your trip is planned somewhere between November to March then you will get a lifetime experience of live encounter of breeding of turtles, who flock the beaches to lay eggs. In the month of February you may also come across the baby turtles hatching from the eggs and making their way to the ocean. The impressive displays of the life cycles of these marine species during the non-breeding seasons are knowledgeable.

Whaling season is another best time to plan your Great Barrier Reef vacation. The whales are quite inquisitive creatures and may prove to be stalkers. You can have spectacular views of the hump-back whales during the whaling season. But hey! Watch out for the stalkers may stalk you, till you reach your next destination. The other species which you may come across are dolphins and marine turtles. The other interests include free animal zoo entry to hand feed kangaroos. You can also cuddle a koala and watch the thrilling Croc feeding shows. You can choose optional scuba diving and reef fishing and attend the free guided snorkel school and fish feeding tour. The home made ice-creams at Mamminos is delicious and must not be missed at any cost. Also you can enjoy in the largest boat in the region, that too for a whole day on the reef. The coral cay walk at Lady Musgrave Island is simply amazing.

The accommodation is comfortable and you can opt for either a beach resort stay or the eco-tents. The beautiful scenery can be enjoyed in the restful coaches of Sunset Safaris. All in all the Sunset Safari makes the best co-voyager for the thrilling and attracting tour to the Great Barrier Reef.
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