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NCLEX Passing Strategies For 2017

For almost all the nurses, NCLEX is a very difficult exam. Although it looks simple, yet it has the potential to annoy, confuse and irritate even the sharpest of minds. If you are looking forward to taking NCLEX test then we would suggest you employ following tips which will surely come in handy during your exam.

Eliminating the Wrong Choices

For some questions, you will have four different answers. But, it is interesting to mention here that most of the questions may have two choices that can be right. This means, if you can systematically remove two false answers then your choice for the correct answer will be reduced to just two. Out of the two possible answers you will have to select the one which demands clear cut understanding and knowledge of the nursing skills. If you choose an answer which might look like a common solution for the given question then it may turn out to be a wrong answer as the examiners would expect you to analyse situations in a practical way.

There are questions which will ask you to select all that apply. For such questions you will have to select the options which perfectly match the given situation in the question.

Diagnosing Your Questions

There can be questions in which the usage of words such as “All, Everyone, Always, Never, Only, First, Must, Should, None” etc. indicate that there are simply no exceptions. For such questions, candidates will have to take great precaution before they select any answer. Given below is an example for you.


Nurses should be more careful when questioning patients who are alcohol-dependent because …….

A These clients are never reliable
B These clients always exaggerate
C These clients are never consistent
D These clients never quits drink

If you analyse the above question then you'll know that the question has got four choices. But only two chances are close to right answer. They are B and C. The first answer blemishes the character of the client. Fourth answer is again a wrong one as it talks about future course of action. But if you look at choices B and C, then you would know that answer B says that the clients always exaggerate which may not be right. But, if you look at the right answer C you will know that it is taking about their inconsistencies which is common due to alcohol consumption.

It is always necessary that the test-takers should scrutinize the situation well and should not jump to conclusion until or unless they get the right answer.

If you have got a question that might require more time from you then it is needed that you should select the most appropriate answer to speed up the test levels. Remember, your test levels (the pattern of questions in the exam) will be depended more upon the type of answers you give.

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