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How Energy Drinks Kill The Teeth ?

Energy drinks and sports drinks are more popular among teen individuals where more than half of them have at least one beverage in a day. The acidity levels present in these drinks make them harmful thus effecting the dental health.

Intake of energy drinks causes twice the damage caused by sports drinks where the beverages attacks the tooth enamel in less than 6 days. Damage caused to the tooth enamel makes teeth prone to decay and cavity formation being a irreversible change.

Affect of sports and energy drinks on teeth

* Nutrition is the main component which maintains dental health by avoiding the occurrence of dental problems.
* Energy and sports drinks provide instant boost bu the high levels of acid present cause irreversible damage tot he tooth enamel.
* In a research, the samples of tooth enamel were allowed to submerge in each different energy or sports drinks for about 15 minutes and then later submerged in artificial saliva for 2 hours.
* Researchers mentioned that damage like tooth erosion occurred in just five days during the test .

Decay of teeth occurs by soft drinks

* Health experts note that the major contributor to health issues like cavities, tooth decay and gum disease are caused by soda (carbonated drinks).
* People who drink soda more than three in number a day have 62% more missing, filled and decayed teeth than to those people who drink less.
* The acids present in beverages, elements of sugars and carbohydrate deposition by the consumption of these drinks along with teeth grinding which is influenced by the caffeine levels form the main contributors of dental problems.
* Drinks which contain certain acid levels and sugars such as soda, sweetened coke or tea, lemonade are harmful because due tot heir intake they cause constant sugar bath over teeth thus promoting tooth decay.

Recommendations to over come the effects caused by beverages

* Good oral hygiene habits have to be followed for maintaining healthy teeth.
* People who consume these type of energy or sports drinks have to rinse their mouth immediately after consumption with water on a regular basis.
* A sugar free chewing gum also helps in protecting the teeth from the acid particles which cover the teeth by their consumption.
* Brushing immediately after the intake of the drinks is not recommended as of the brush may cause to spread the acid more around the teeth. Hence an interval of 1 hour is advised in between drinking energy drinks and brushing.

The connection between the energy drinks, sports drinks and their declining effect on health cannot be neglected. The above article helps to create awareness regarding the negative effects of beverages on dental health.

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