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How To Plan Banner Ad Campaign

Before starting banner ad campaign you have to think what is your main goal. Some people are taking advertising campaigns blindly without knowing anything and without following any strategies. Please don’t be one of them. Because for any successful ad campaign there are some strategies. Below are some banner ad campaign strategies explained in detail.

Finding out your targeted audience

Before starting banner ad campaign you need to think about targeted audience. Because if you know the targeted audience you can easily select the websites which are relevant to your targeted audience. For example if you are product is lipstick, then you have to concentrate on websites which are regularly visited by women. Because they may want that product but they are not aware of your brand.


After having clarity about your targeted audience you have to concentrate on the medium. That is nothing but websites and blogs where you want your advertising to appear. By doing proper analysis you can get prospective customers. This will improves your sales.
Here you have to observe two things.

1. Check whether the website is having banner ads or not.
2. If banner ads are there, you have to know that generating traffic to that particular website.

Choosing a website

The success of your banner ad campaign mainly depends on the selective website. Because if the site is not relevant to your product then no will click on your ad. So you have to choose websites that is relevant to your product. Here you have two options to choose a website.

1. The industry specific websites that is relevant to your products. And you can get a space for your ad with low cost.
2. Portal websites – This type of websites have one advantage, it gets huge number of traffic.

Contact banner ad agencies

Once you have selected the websites, you need to see the contact information on the sites. With that you need to contact a specific person who deals with all banner ad campaigns. Because he will tell you the different price ranges and placement of your banner ad. Finally you have to take the contact number and mobile number of them. And he will also tell you the banner ad submission guidelines. Like how much the banner ad size should be, what is the format for banner ad, banner dimensions and restrictions, submission dead lines, frequency of your ad rotation and in which page your ad is going to appear.

Check rates

You need to know in what way they are charging like CPM or CTR. Ask them if you purchase a bulk space what they are going to charge? Can you get any discount at specific time?

These factors are very helpful when you want to start a banner ad campaign.

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