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Visual Soccer Match Analysis

World is developing with the advancement of the technology which is been utilize in different branches of the daily living likewise in today’s world if we gaze at the sports world technology is the most indispensable proportion of it. Soccer match comprises rich, multivariate movement data at high temporal and geospatial resolution. With recent advancements of sensor technologies large amount of movement data available in many application area.

Visual soccer sports analysis deals in interactive identification of soccer pattern and situations being of interest to analyst and visualization to show the ranking of features over the time and plots the change of game play situation, both helping the analyst to interpret complex game situation. Visual analytics follows a human in the loop approach and enables the analyst to steer the analysis techniques and interact with the results. A visual analysis helps in workflow to support experts in exploring interesting characteristics of game situations.

There are certain systems where bar charts are used to derive a scalable and efficient visualization technique to interact, explore analyze and compare multi attribute rankings with different parameters like hybrid version of rank chart and slope graph. Visualization positions the teams with respect to their performance and time during a season. Visualization techniques showing the magnitude of gaps between teams and minimizing overlaps which improves the effectiveness of visualization.

Soccer sports are beautiful adventures interlink with math. Mathematics has a great illustration on how it impacts on soccer from shot statistics to league tables to the geometry of passing and managerial strategy. Mathematics and connection with soccer seems to be very natural. First thing you have to thing while watching soccer matches that two-third of the match is down to randomness.

If you go on to the details at the passing networks ,they create the triangles the player create how the defiance synchronizes together how players read off different opportunities each of those have an interesting mathematical aspect to it. Math helps to do a great abstract analysis the ideas which are analytics now can be communicated with the players, the shot techniques resembles shooting the ball flourishingly. There are space and triangle shape made it is not that they are doing math to calculate things but they just learn what works on training field which helps the players in learning process creating shapes and acknowledging it.


Technologies and mathematical analysis leads to forecast soccer analysis. It helps in enhancing performance and decision making primarily delivered through the analysis and visualization.

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