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Data Acquisition Using Modbus Technologies For Scada Softwares

Data acquisition is one of the most crucial steps, and the main beginner’s step in the processing of data for any kind of job, process, application, monitoring etc. It’s the requirement to acquire data from distant places, fields, setup, and real time processes etc, which has triggered the invention of various technologies facilitating the acquisition of data from distances and difficult locations.

In fact the facility to access data from another remote location, preferably through a computer or mobile helps in many ways. The more you dig in to the system, and get accustomed to the process of acquiring data from remote; you would find it the more economical and effective in many ways. Monitoring of systems, setting off alarms from distance, and getting alerts can be too simplified with the facility of data acquisition from over a distance with accuracy.

The power you get from distance

Modern SCADA systems can give you such control on the processes, that you can control an entire system using the software, and can take crucial decisions, change settings of systems, alter setting of hardware, and do many things from a remote location ehich lets transfer data freely between terminals.

How you gain access to the remote system

Remote accesses to systems are granted through cellular routers. The combination of VPN and cellular routers helps establish connection over a distance using LAN cards or ports like RS-485 or RS-232. This is the way the cost of management and maintenance can be minimized through cellular routers.

In such cases smart Modbus gateways for both M2M applications can be used and data can be acquired using text messages or apps from mobiles. In fact the process lets exchanges messages between a computer, a mobile phone, and a controlling system. The Modbus protocol helps change anything in the message contents.

Many ways can be implemented to get and send messages and signals, and they are:

• Automation controlling system program scan be used to get access

• C programming can be used to send and receive data

• GPS tracking and data collected can be used for generating movement of movable objects from remote.

For all these the use of LAN based modules for data acquisition can be done which supports the TCP. Eve information collected can be pulled to the computer screen by acquiring the IP address. Many controls can be toggled with these systems, and Ids and passwords can be set too. If there is a control put on power consumption, then the use of electricity can also be seen and controlled with such a system from remote. This shows the extent of remote coverage possible through the SCADA software, and why it’s presence and use in all domains and fields have grown so impeccable.

Concluding notes

The use and extensive applications of SCADA applications and softwares are now omnipresent. Most industries and factories etc where a control and monitoring is required in production, machines, temperature, air etc, is now dependent on one or the other SCADA program for monitoring and automated surveillance, and this is the future of automation.

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