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A Memorable Trip to Great Barrier Reef

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There lies a whole new world beneath the sea. A world not of just one ‘Nemo’ but many such ‘Nemos’ and its friends- the coral reefs. The coral reefs are natural habitat for many marine creatures. The juvenile fishes spend quite a long duration, until they are ready to face the vast ocean. With its vibrant and electric colours, the coral reefs make some of the most beautiful marine gardens. The coral reefs are the backbone of many ecosystems. A blog by Bryan Walsh, a diver, wrote, “Take out the corals, and there are no reefs-remove the reefs, and entire ecosystems collapse.” He correctly expressed the importance of coral reefs in just one sentence. Not just the natural habitats of marine organisms but also reefs are the indicator of nature’s health.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral garden. The reef is located in the Coral Sea, Queensland State of Australia. It is also the world’s single organism made structure, which is visible from the outer space. Listed among seven natural wonders of the world, the reef supports a wide diversity of life and the attracting colours of the reef pull the divers towards itself. The tiny architects, coral polyps are so perfect in their works that they just leave the person short of words and a simple wow with wide eyes, is the only expression, which can express the amusement that too a little bit of, for the beauty is so majestic that it can never be described in words. The Sunset Safaris are the best tour operators, when it comes to hire a co-voyager. Experts in the tourism industry, they offer amazing Great Barrier Reef Tour Packages. Diving, snorkeling, and deep-water fishing are the major tourist activities and Sunset Safaris put in the best efforts to provide great fun and adventure at Great Barrier Reef. With fully guided snorkeling, one can visit this allure of the nature and experience the intimacy with the world’s smallest but greatest architects. Enjoy the diverse fauna under the sea and be in the lap of nature, and let yourself free to feel the ‘rainforests under sea’. The bright colours are enchanting. The experience is going to leave you with the wonder tales to share once you get old. Relish the exotic wildlife experience with bale of turtles, who can be your tour guide under the sea, swimming along with you and taking you on a stupendous voyage.

The second most amazing point of interest after the reefs, however is visiting Mon Repos- live turtle encounter. The Sunset Safaris are the exclusive operators offering this service. The migrating turtles crawl up the beach to lay eggs. The breeding months start from November and ends in March. In fact from the month of February, the baby turtles can be seen hatching out of the eggs and making their way to the ocean. This could be one of the virgin and wildest encounters of the nature, leaving a lifetime memory etched in the minds. But just in case you are unable to make it in the breeding season, not to worry , for the Mon Repos Turtle Conservation Centre presents the lives of these creature in exciting and informative manner, and also preach about the conservation efforts being taken to save the endangered species of loggerhead turtles. The interactive display is quite impressive and knowledgeable. Another best time to plan the trip is from June to November, if you want to witness the humpback whales, enquiring your presence in their territory. They can make the best detectives and stalkers in the world, who are ready to stalk your cruise just to find the answers to the bubbling questions of their minds.

The Sunset Safaris make sure, that you have a great time when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. You can enjoy an awesome road trip in the specially designed vehicles, equipped with great entertainment systems. The Aussie Zoo visit and the Croc feeding shows are awesome amusements. Here one can hug and cuddle the cute Koalas. Moreover, what to speak about the homemade ice cream at Mamminos- as if the god of food himself has given the recipe and has added the flavours to it. To add to the charm is the guided walk on the Lady Musgrave Island- a true coral cay. The optional activities may include Scuba diving, reef fishing, Seaway tours, surfing lessons, and Bundaberg Rum factory tour. With carefully planned itinerary, fully guided tours, comfortable accommodation, and cost effective packages, the Sunset Safaris’ Great Barrier Reef Holiday Package is what your soul needs now.

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