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Stop Seeking Approval: Here Are 4 Tips To Take Control Of Your Own Life

We like to seek approval of others because somewhere in our mind we desire being accepted by others. Not always we are self-confident and feel that we are performing our best. It is a tendency of humans to feel motivated in their actions when someone else validates them.
Craving of acceptance never ends, it grows constantly and then ultimately lands you in a situation when u became dependent on resorting to someone else’s approval on every petty action u perform. This can become traumatic for you because somehow it will influence your life and make you dependent on others.
Have you ever thought, that when you get dressed up why do you feel the urge to ask someone how do you look? Or when you want to take an important decision in your life why does it become necessary for you to ask what you are doing is correct or not? It is because we fear criticism we feel that our every action is being judged by others.
The question is, How to gain control on your life? Here are some tips that will help you in gaining control on your life and eventually will make you realise that other’s approval doesn’t matter at all.
Why do you feel others will make negative statements about you or if something goes wrong you’ll became a laughing stock? Be self-reliant and monitor your actions even if you face criticism learn acknowledging them. Always be open for constructive criticism this can improve your actions in the long run. Sometimes people express opinions for your own good you will learn to be strong if you accept them.
Out of anxiousness we wish to perfect our actions this is why we seek other’s guidance and approval. We need to accept that work is a source of learning. In order to master it one can make mistakes, this will help us in the process of growth. After all learning new things can make you take better decisions in life and this can further stop you from depending on other’s opinions.

Remember, the ones who always disapprove your actions can never be pleased. Even if you put your heart and soul they will still find wrongs in you. Be a self-pleaser. If you are contented with yourself, you can possess the power of ruling the entire world. Faith in yourself can make you achieve milestones in life.
Once you stop seeking approval, you’ll realise that how easy and less complex your life becomes. You can take risks, commit mistakes and even fail. You can then take decisions according to your will and understand what’s best for you. Eventually, you will lead a life according to your own terms.
If you follow these simple tips in your life, then you will start accepting challenges and can set parameters for self-improvisation. Achievement and success will definitely come to you once you start believing in yourself. Just remember, for your life to shine you need to be different from the herd.


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