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Avail Filtered Broadband Internet Connection from Reliable Internet Service Providers

The importance of internet access to students cannot be denied but at the same time it is like a double edged sword where internet can be utilized as a platform to gain knowledge and also the potential risks of children being exposed to unwanted content that has a negative impact on their minds. Thus it is the responsibility of the schools to use only filtered broadband connectivity from the service providers who follow the guidelines set by BETCA to filter the inappropriate content at the packet level itself to ensure students cannot access anything beyond the URLs that are approved by the private education network. These measures are surely important to safeguard the interests of the students as everyday millions of porn sites or hackers trying to prey on the children have been increasing on the internet. The best school internet service providers not only take the necessary steps in offering filtered broadband connectivity to schools but also come up with value added services like data backup, school management tools, parental portal etc. that would allow the schools to perform better managing their data online.

There are also lot of problems associated with rural broadband connectivity till now but not anymore with the reliable internet service provider coming up with the latest technology solutions like the bonded broadband services that step up the speed of internet connectivity even in remote locations for one to access all the features that they have been deprived off due to slow internet connection. This bonded broadband uses the technology of interfacing two or more networks on a host computer using multiple DSL lines and modems that are bonded together for higher bandwidth facility. This speeds up the uploading and downloading speed of the system so that one can access video conferences, VoIP phone and other features that are possible only with high internet speed. By using this technology even the remote areas can enjoy good internet connection and speed irrespective of the geographical conditions or settings in the remote area.

Along with these solutions you can also checkout for a wide range of services from the reliable ISP like firewall configuration, email migration, RM filtering by light speed and many more features that would allow one to access quality services from the ISP. The services are offered in competitive rates and the customer service is excellent who are available 24/7 to answer any queries from the customer.

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