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Difference between Led and Plasma TV’s

Though internet has created a sensation in our lives, TV sets still manage to maintain their reputation as one of the biggest sources of entertainment. Even though, today we use mobile phones to watch TV series, listen songs and do other activities, TV still remains our favorite as it helps us experience different stories on the big screen which generally occupies an important position in our living area or personal space. But over the years, conventional TV sets have been replaced with LED TVs and Plasma TV sets as people are now looking for much thinner and larger screens. However, understanding the difference between LED TVs and Plasma TVs is a must as they can essentially affect the environment of your space.

An LED TV is a type of LCD television that uses light-emitting-diodes to backlight the display instead of cold cathode fluorescent lights used in LCD TV sets.

Plasma TV is a TV display technology in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma.

LED TVs consume less energy as compared to Plasma TVs

LED TVs consumer around 70% less power than Plasma TVs

LED TVs are best for brighter rooms, where as Plasma TVs are best for dark rooms

Plasma TVs are economical in terms of LED TV price

Plasma TVs have higher contrast ratios than LED

LED TVs are lighter than Plasma TVs

Burn-in is very rare in LED TVs, whereas new Plasma TVs come with anti-burn features, but the problem still exists in old Plasma TVs

If you are looking for best LED TVs in India, then Noble Technology is one of the leading TV manufacturers in India.

So now keep LED TV price and its benefits in mind as compared to Plasma TV and purchase the best TV set up for your home.


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