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Higher English – Tips To Excel

English as a language may not be the most spoken in all countries. But, in a wide number of countries English is the official language. According to estimations done by analysts, it is inferred that 2 billion is the number of people that use English to communicate on a daily basis. In both academic as well as professional areas, there are benefits of speaking English. But, for all, it does not come easily to have a grip on the language in a proficient manner. Everyone has a zest to learn English proficiently.

Here we give you some tips on how to excel and become more proficient in the English language.

1.Listen: One of the finest ways to improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills is, listening to English news and English channels. Simply put on some English news channel to look through what’s going around in the world. This will help you to enhance your English listening and reading skills. Some of the news and English channels that we recommend are BBC News, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic channel.

2.Read People who are readers come across as rich in the English language. Avid readers have a good vocabulary and they are also capable of framing good sentences. It is recommended to keep a novel, reader’s digest or English magazines with you always. Nowadays, everyone is equipped with a tablet or smartphone. A person can easily connect with an online store and download free novels to read in a digital manner from around the world. While reading, if you come across a text that epitomises the message of the book, mark it with a highlighter. You must write down your insights about the book that you read. So, in order to enhance your vocabulary and English skills, develop the habit of reading and learn many new words on a regular basis. There are new words that are created every day. Inculcating reading habits will keep oneself updated with the language.

3.Practice: The old age adage goes like this- “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you want to improve English speaking skills, start conversing with your friends in English. The words that you learn, try putting them up in sentences and use them whenever it is apt. Usage of words during a conversation also helps you in remembering the words. More words mean more understanding of the language. English is a language that is constantly evolving. Sometimes solving previous year exam papers of English 2016 help a lot in English.

4.Think in English: Thinking in English is one of the best ways to refine your skills. In order to quickly acquire mastery in the language, think in English if you want to write an article or something. While thinking, use simple words and put down your thought son a piece of paper. Once you have jotted down your, revise the writing by using a little complex language. Practice doing this for 10 days and we will examine the improvement in the language.

5.Apply: Apply the English that you are learning in different platforms. Start writing your diary in English, use word press to write your blogs on different matters that’s happening in and around the world and much more. Grab the opportunities that come your way and use it to your maximum benefits.


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