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Diabetes Discomfort - Complications because of Diabetes

Some people believe that if you can’t feel it – it isn’t there. But that’s not the case with Diabetes – or rather that’s the problem with Diabetes. You just don’t feel it, By the time you feel something or stop feeling anything because of Diabetes – its already too late. Complications have already started cropping up because of Diabetes.

Story of Glucose

Diabetes is caused because of the failure of body’s internal mechanism in controlling the circulating levels of Glucose- which is the main fuel for all processes of the body. We can’t breath, Think, and even move our fingers with utilizing Glucose. This is derived only from the food we eat. Even though any type of food – Proteins, Carbohydrates of even fats can be ultimately converted into Glucose by our body the predominant source of Glucose are the carbohydrates, which form the major portion of our meal like Bread, Roti, Naan, Rice, Cereals etc. After digestion these foods are broken down to the smallest sugar that is glucose which goes into the blood stream and all over the body with it.

Once body senses that the levels of Glucose are rising it secretes Insulin into the blood from the pancreas, This Insulin works like a key and moves this glucose into stores of the body like Liver, Muscles, Fat cells where the Glucose is either stored as Glycogen ( a form of animal starch) or triglycerides (Fat) .

Why Diabetes

According to Diabetologist in Delhi-The problem occurs when there isn’t enough Insulin available in the system to shunt this excess glucose to its final destination.

This occurs either due to Insulin resistance- as in Type 2 Diabetes, when Insulin is being produced by the body buts not being recognized by the target cells hence is useless and cannot decrease the high levels of glucose in the Blood.

Or is completely absent – as occurs in Type-1 Diabetes, when the Insulin producing Beta cells of Pancreas are destroyed by antibodies produced by the body itself.

Diabetes has become an epidemic in our country- virtually no household is left untouched by Diabetes, in Metros like Delhi

every 8th-10th person may be suffering from Diabetes. The most widespread is the Type -2 Diabetes almost 95% of persons suffering from Diabetes have Type-2 Diabetes. Specialist in Delhi explain that initially Diabetes does not give any symptoms, Diabetics may lead absolutely normal lives without any problems or symptoms for a long period of time. This is the reason people often don’t realize that something is going wrong in them.

Any discomfort whatsoever which is felt because of Diabetes may be felt either when the Blood Sugar levels are very high as may happen before the diagnosis of Diabetes or due to spells of uncontrolled Diabetes which may be:Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

• Excessive thirst- feeling thirsty all the time
• Feeling Hungry all the time
• Frequent urination- running to the toilet frequently even at night
• Feeling very weak and rundown- loss of energy, feeling tired
• Increased irritability
• Loss of weight
• Dr skin and mucous membranes
• Stomach ache, Vomiting (may happen in Type -1 diabetics as a result of Ketoacidosis )
• Small cuts may not heal
Symptoms due to Diabetes Complications:

•Pain in chest especially in the left arm or hand or spreading to neck, stomach or back – may be because of

•Diabetologist in Delhi are more worried about the silent angina- as a result of damage to the nerves of the Heart Diabetics frequently do not feel any pain or discomfort because of angina- and may also suffer from a heart attack without feeling any pain or symptoms angina.
.Diabetic Eye problems- Blurring of vision at high sugar levels
.Black or white cobwebs or spots in the vision – due to Retinopathy
.Severe Cataract and frequent Glaucoma causing poor visibility and Headache
.Pain , Burning or Tingling sensation in feet due to Neuropathy
.Sometimes Numbness , feeling of walking on cotton wool or stones as well
Diabetes specialist in Delhi are always watchful for any of these symptoms but even without them you have to be wary and keep checking your Blood Sugar and HbA1c as only Blood tests would indicate the level of control.


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