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How is Server Colocation in India Beneficial?

Server colocation in India will help businesses to achieve economies of scale. This is because in server colocation, you can place your servers in someone else’s rack space. While server colocation in India may be a costly proposition because the costs are higher than standard hosting, you can enjoy a far great amount of bandwidth. You can therefore keep private servers and networking devices in a data center belonging to a third party. Instead of maintaining in-house servers which would require you to maintain an experienced and qualified staff too, you can collocate your equipments in the colocation provider’s rack space. While the provider leases out the space, it will provide the client enterprises with an IP address, bandwidth, power supplies, cooling systems, security measures and customer support.

How can server colocation in India benefit your business?

1. Server colocation in India is beneficial for many reasons, one of them being the cost factor. With colocation hosting, you can actually achieve economies of scale because you do not have to hire IT staff to manage the servers or spend on networking equipments. By using colocation, you will get access to much higher bandwidth levels than you could hope to get in a private data center. So, network latency will automatically be less and you can enjoy high reliability.

2. Colocation facilities are preferred because they have superior protection against power outages. The host will have multiple backup generator options in place so that even if there is outage, data will not be lost. There is also a round-the-clock staff to provide technical assistance when there are such outages.

3. By choosing server colocation in India, you will continue to own the servers. So, if you feel that you need additional memory or if you think that the servers are slow, you are free to upgrade them. You will not have to wait for your colocation hosting provider to do this for you. You will also have the freedom to install custom software for your business needs.

4. Even if you need to migrate, you can leave servers operating during that time. Earlier, for hosting two domains, you would have to pay for both the lines at the same time for a while till you could shift to a new location.

5. When you choose colocation hosting, you can benefit from additional security for the servers because the host keeps them in a secure climate-controlled environment. Clients will find colocation useful because of features like lockable cabinets, CCTV monitoring facilities, fire detection systems, private suites, mantraps etc.

6. You can even pay more to get the colocation hosting provider to manage the servers for you. This is a great solution for companies which lack a capable IT team to handle technical issues or if your office is at a great distance from the colocation provider.

So, choosing server colocation in India will allow you to enjoy the advantages of a superior data center infrastructure while letting you keep control over server configuration and maintenance. You can save resources like time and money that you would need to spend otherwise for maintaining in-house servers.

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