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Where Should You Locate an Office Water Cooler?

When they are considering filtration systems and water accessories, Perth business managers often have to make a tricky decision. Placing a water cooler in the right place requires a little thought to get right. Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges that need to be overcome and why you need an Aussie Natural water cooler.

Drinking Laws:

There are laws in place to ensure that staff members are provided with adequate drinking water at work. Initially, this was regarded by many managers as a burden, but over the years the water cooler has become an essential part of life. Studies have shown that drinking water regularly increases the attention span and improves cognitive function. It has also been proven that an occasional round of socialising at the water cooler raises morale and actually improves productivity.

The Modern Water Cooler:

Older water coolers and water filter accessories such as covers were truly awful looking pieces of equipment. Modern systems are sleek, light, portable and they have a very small footprint compared to their ancestors. A water cooler from Aussie Natural will take up only a foot of floor space making it ideal to situate anywhere that it is needed.

Correctly Positioning the Cooler:

Now that we know that the water cooler, accessories, and supplies can be placed anywhere, where do we place it? The best location would be a high traffic location that is centrally located in a smaller office facility. A larger office with more workers and multiple floors may benefit from having additional units placed at strategic points such as entrances or hallways. It is important to consider that people may gather around the water cooler, so extra space is useful. The water cooler should always be placed against a wall as this will help to prevent the unit being knocked over and damaged. It is also a good idea to locate the cooler on a spill mat to minimise the effects of spilled water on the flooring.

Protecting the Water:

Water can be adversely affected by direct light; this is because algae can form inside the water bottles. This will turn the water green and make it unpalatable to drink. This algae is not hazardous to health, but it can be off putting to drink. For this reason, we recommend that the water cooler is located out of direct sunlight, but this is not possible in many modern office buildings. A solution to this problem is to use a water bottle cover to protect the water from the sun. Depending upon where any spare bottles of water are stored it may be necessary to cover those as well.

If you would like further details about water coolers, contact us. The Aussie Natural team would be delighted to answer any queries you may have.


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