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Key Information on Water Filters Perth Residents Should Know

As our customers can attest, Aussie Natural stock benchtop water filters systems that are as efficient as they are compact. Just like our water cooler, the water filtration range only takes up one square foot of space on your floor or benchtop. This makes them easy to fit into most spaces, and unlike water coolers that use bottled water, they can be plumbed in the water supply directly. You can then enjoy delicious filtered water straight from your tap without having to change bottles every day. However, there are some other details regarding our water filtration process that can be useful to understand.

How Does Our Water Filtration Work?

When they think of water filters, Perth residents may immediately think of the water treatment carried out on their mains water supply. This initial process removes a great deal of contaminants from our water, but it doesn’t go far enough for those seeking a higher quality water. Our water filter systems take the mains water supply and pass it through a five micron filter and then through a carbon filter. We do this to remove any remaining chemical contaminants, and any residual traces of the chlorine used to treat the public water. This makes the water cleaner, better tasting and healthier for drinking and cooking.

The Rental Agreement:

Our water filtration systems for home and business use are available on a rental basis from Aussie Natural. As part of the rental agreement, we take the responsibility to ensure that the water filter is serviced regularly. This will ensure that the system works as intended and minimises the chances of an inconvenient failure. We have water filtration systems available in a freestanding Hot and Cold dispenser or in a Cool and Cold benchtop unit. The choice is yours to make, but you can rest assured both units deliver a continuous supply of clean filtered water every day on demand.

Using the Water Filter System:

Making a decision on which water filtration system fits your needs could be problematic for some, so here is a quick primer. Our Hot and Cold dispenser can deliver water that is hot enough to make beverages, such as instant soups, teas, and coffee. This makes this particular system very popular for offices and other workplace environments. The Cool and Cold systems using the cool setting are great for cooking and preparing food. This makes this unit a popular choice for home use, and it is usually located in the kitchen. Both systems deliver cold water which is great for drinking especially on a hot day.

All of our installation work is carried out by qualified and certified plumbers with the minimum of disruption. Why not call us today for more information? Our sales team is standing by to answer any remaining questions you may have.


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