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Early Schooling Additional Skills

A school is the foundation of any child’s life. Apart from teaching them academic content, it is equally necessary to inculcate additional skills. Children need to learn intellectual skills, behavioral skills, and other social skills.

One of the crucial things that students lag in their early years of schooling is mathematical skills which include addition, subtraction etc. Games can be introduced in classes where they will be encouraged to learn these skills.

Physical objects: Objects or blocks can be grouped and the kids can be asked to add them up. For example, introduce a game of blocks. Make two towers with the blocks and ask the students to add each block separately. This game will also encourage them to remain focused. If a child goes awry in the midst of counting, then the blocks will get mixed up and at the end, the answer is wrongly given. The length of the process will help them to focus on a longer duration task.

Simple drawings: Drawings are a more valuable substitute to the process, which is described above. Use tallies for numbers. Adjacent to the first number draw tallies (for example, if 5 is the number, draw 5 tallies). The student can be asked to predict how many tallies are needed for the other problem required in the number and ask them to draw the tallies. Moreover, at the end, ask them how many tallies they have drawn altogether. This activity best suits students with poor focus. It also enables a child to associate things in a better way. The child associates between the certain number of tallies and the number.

Board games: Boards games are a pleasant pastime for children and adults equally. It also enriches your mathematical learning experience. A game requiring a counter to be moved encourages the child to count on. Additionally, if the board has numbers on it, then it is equivalent to counting out numbers aloud. In the midst of this fun game, do not forget to draw your child’s attention to the relationship between board games and addition.

Number facts: Sing nursery songs to your child that tells stories about the number. This will help them to relate the numbers to the stories. Take part in the game of matching pairs with the student, where the point of the game is identifying the location of the question (for instance, 7+8) and the corresponding answer from a set of cards all turned face down. Make a set of flashcards with simple totaling facts written on them, look at the cards one at a time, and ask the student for the answer, giving a round of applause when they give the right answer. When they are self-confident, expand the number of facts. Games will avert your child seeing addition as dull, and will also help to build confidence.

It is not for just the early school goers, but additional skills can be taught in higher classes as well. Contents can be added in science 10th cbse study material which will help the students to enhance their analytical skills


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