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Know About Oral Surgery

Anyone who has experienced impacted wisdom teeth is bound to have had oral surgery. Although some impacted teeth do not show any symptoms, there are instances where they can cause certain issues like bad breath, headache, swollen lymph nodes, swelling, pain and bleeding, among many others.
Wisdom teeth do not actually have any associated evolutionary purpose. Simply out, humans do not need them. In fact, about 85 percent of wisdom teeth are removed because of tooth crowding. Impacted teeth can lead to several dental issues like teeth misalignment and infection.
What is Oral Surgery?
Although there are instances when an impacted tooth does not have to be removed, those symptomatic cases usually require a surgical extraction. Local or general anesthesia can be used to ensure the comfort of the patient. Oral surgery has become easier and more bearable now, especially with newly developed techniques and tools that allow for a quicker, safer and less painful procedure.
Oral Surgery Precautions
Following oral surgery, patients can immediately go home. They just have to follow the post-operative instructions given by their surgeon, especially when it comes to getting enough rest and taking their prescribed medications. Patients are told to expect some amount of soreness and swelling after the procedure, but these are things that will slowly subside as they recuperate.
Oral Surgery Complications
Patients should still be advised that complications can still arise from oral surgery, although it is unusual. Some of these possible complications include dry tooth socket or bone exposure, weakened lower jawbone, sinus damage near the upper wisdom teeth, gums and teeth infection because of bacteria or trapped food, and nerve damage to the lower lip, tongue and chin.
Why Get Oral Surgery?
Patients below 30 years old should not have much problems getting oral surgery as their bone is more flexible. There are impacted wisdom teeth that do not require removal, especially if they do not really cause the patient any problems. But in certain situations, when they are not removed, certain complications can arise and lead to a much bigger health problem.
Many people are hesitant to get oral surgery because of fears with going under the knife. A good oral surgeon can help alleviate these fears by properly explaining to you the procedure and answering your questions. This is why it is important to pick a reputable and experienced dentist for the job.

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