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Tips to Plan an Exciting and Wonderful Easter Island Travel

Ranked as one of the most adventurous and unique tourist destination on the planet, the Easter Island will help you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Apart from the Moais (the massive stone statues), the Rapa Nui or Easter Island is famous for its seasonal adventure and attractions. This requires in planning your Easter Island travel by keeping in mind the best time and many other things, which will help in having the utmost fun.

Are you interested to experience the adventure and thrill of exploring a mysterious Island in the world? Then plan a wonderful trip to Easter Island or Rapa Nui! Here you will get stunned to see the mysterious moais or stone monoliths (huge statues of volcanic rock) that are scattered all around the Island. The Easter Island has a diverse landscape like barren, rocky coast (with high cliffs and caves), treeless regions and volcanic craters.

Also known as a small volcanic island, the Easter Island has volcanic craters in the interior. The Terevaka (507) is the highest volcano in Easter Island, which is located in the north, while the other two volcanic cones are to the east and south-west (The Poike and the Rano Kau).

Here are some useful tips, which will help you in planning your Easter Island travel and enjoy to the fullest, please read on!

1. Information about Flights to Easter Island:

There are two ways to reach Easter Island:

Arriving from Chile
Arriving from French Polynesia

In both the cases, the flight time to reach Rapa Nui or Easter Island (from Santiago de Chile and Tahiti (Papeete) is about 5 hours. In Easter Island, Mataveri Airport is the only airport, which connects the island with the outer world. This airport is located in the southern part of Easter Island near the Hanga Roa town.

2. Mode of Transport:

There is no public transportation available in Easter Island. You need to manage your own transportation by contacting a reliable tour operator in Easter Island. With a reliable Easter Island tour operator, you will get an opportunity to explore the island on a horseback, via walking, bike, and bicycle or car rental by paying a minimum price.

3. Sport and Leisure Activities:

It is quite easy to get around the small yet awe-inspiring Easter Island. The majority of tourist favorite outdoor activities in Easter Island are trekking, biking, spelunking and horseback riding. Apart from this, most of the tourists love to spend a relaxing time on the white sand of Anakena Beach as well as also indulge in swimming or many other water activities. You must visit the Rano Raraku, which is known as the “statue quarry”

4. Time to Visit:

Easter Island has a mild climate, which makes it suitable to visit the island at any time of the year. If you are planning to visit the Easter Island during the months of October- April, then there will be a good chance to explore the island to the fullest in a comfortable and adventurous way.


To get the most out of your Easter Island travel, you need to rely on a licensed and reputable tour company. This will help you in getting the reliable assistance of experienced and knowledgeable guides as well as provide a customized private Easter Island tour package. A reliable tour operator will provide you well planned itinerary, which can be tailored as per your requirement to explore the best sites and enjoy the most exciting and adventurous activities in Easter Island. If you are an independent traveler who wants to explore the Easter Island, then rely on a competent tour company to get the best guidance and assistance.

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