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Ayurvedic Treatment For Enlarged Prostate And BPH Problem

Prostate gland is a part of male reproductive system and it plays an important role as this gland releases prostatic fluid which is a component of semen and this semen is required to protect sperms from getting destroyed till they reach female egg. Problem of enlargement in prostate generally occurs after the age of 50 but there are many factors that cause inflammation in this gland like infection in prostate that cause this gland to swell, etc. Prostate may also become enlarged due to an increase in the number of cells (hyperplasia).

As the inflammation in prostate increases, this gland squeezes urethra more which further interrupts the free flow of urine and semen (during ejaculation). Due to this, bladder always remains left with some amount of semen and urine. This leads to frequent urination problem as bladder feels full with a little amount of urine also and causes the urge to urinate immediately. Pressure on bladder also increases which results in semen leakage problem. A man in turn loses ejaculation after every some time due to increase in pressure on bladder. Losing semen consistently causes weakness in men and one may also suffer from BPH problem due to enlargement in prostate gland.

Symptoms of enlarged prostate:

1. A weak or slow urinary stream due to interruption which happens because of pressure on urethra.
2. A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying due to pressure on bladder.
3. Difficulty in starting urination.
4. Frequent urination all the time.
5. Urgency to urinate immediately.
6. Getting up frequently at night for urinating.
7. A urinary stream that starts and stops involuntarily.
8. Straining to urinate.
9. Continued dribbling of urine.
10. Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing.

Men can use Prostocure capsules which provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate. These supplements are completely herbal and therefore one need not worry about side effects. These supplements can naturally cure every reason that leads to inflammation in prostate gland.

Prostocure capsules perform the following actions:

1. Reduce inflammation in prostate gland in an early manner.
2. Protect prostate gland from free radicals and toxins.
3. Prevent various types of infections that affect healthy condition of prostate gland.
4. Reduce risk of infections in kidney and bladder.
5. Increase production of prostatic fluid which is required to make adequate amount of semen.
6. Keep urinary system healthy and reduce functional problems in prostate.
7. Reduce possibilities of BPH problem in men.

Prostocure capsules possess the following herbs:

1. Akik Pishti – This herb protects prostate gland from ill effects of heat produced within body. Its cooling property reduces inflammation in prostate gland naturally. Hence, it is used in this ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate.
2. Gokshura Ext. – This herb contains components that nourish cells, tissues and muscles in prostate and enhance functions of this gland. It also enhances muscle movements and physical strength.
3. Shatavari Ext. – This herb contains antioxidants and also increases effect of antioxidants in body. It keeps prostate protected from free radicals and toxins.
4. Puga – This herb clears blockage from urinary tract to ease flow of urine and semen during ejaculation. Due to this, bladder gets empty completely.
5. Varuna Ext. – This herb is anti-inflammatory in nature and therefore reduces swelling effectively.
6. Putikaranja – This herb is analgesic in nature and therefore gives relief from pain caused due to cramps in prostate gland.
7. Elaichi – Due to its antiseptic properties, this herb reduces risk of infection in prostate gland.

These herbs make Prostocure capsules the most effective ayurvedic treatment for BPH problem. Regularly take this ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate for 3 to 4 months to get the best results.

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