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Working With Math

Mathematics is thought to be a difficult subject by many students. It scares the wit out of many students. The theorems, formulas trigger the so-called math’s anxiety. The word "math" itself evokes feelings ranging from dislike to outright fear. This anxiety and the fear of the subject may lead to loss of interest gradually and impacts the performance. Students lose confidence in math.
But, the question is - Is mathematics really so difficult? Of course, no! Mathematics can be a very interesting subject. Let us look at some tips and tricks on how to ace mathematics.

1. Practice makes you perfect – The more you practice the better you become at it. Mathematics is all about practice. Well, here is the trick. Practice simply doesn’t mean repetition. You need to solve different types of problems for one single formula. First, try solving the problems for which the solution is provided. Once you have solved some problems with solutions it is time to try solving a problem without a solution. You can take the reference of your notes and solutions to other problems you practised earlier. The goal is to apply some of the skills that you learned. Eventually, you will learn to work on problems without any notes. Once you have mastered the technique you will find it easier to solve the other question based on it. As you work through the questions, keep an eye on your weakness and the places where you are getting stuck or making mistakes repeatedly. Try to work out more and more problems on it and find out an alternative way to solve them. The point is to practice more and more, this is how you master the subject.

2. Solve practice paper: What can be more enlightening than a previous year paper. It gives you an insight into the pattern, types of questions, the weight of topics and the marks distribution an. Solving the previous papers exam paper of math 2016 class 10 just like you do in an exam that is by setting an alarm for 3 hours will give you speed and accuracy. This is when you will realise which concepts or chapters you didn’t cover at all. You will come to know how the exam is structured. Try to recognise the pattern and pay attention to the question asked frequently.

3. Time Management: You must take out some time every day to solve problems in order to score good marks in maths. Making a study plan and setting a fixed schedule or routine for dealing with the subject is enough to fetch you good grades.

4. Formula Flash card – Making flash cards of important formula, theorems, formulae and methodologies will make them handy and allow you to quickly revise them before the exams. Moreover, you can quickly go through them on a daily basis so that you do not forget them. Study flashcards are one of the quick learning methods. They help you to recapitulate and test in a short span of time. Moreover, they provide students with a portable learning tool. The visual and the content enhance your cognitive skills and the information gets etched into the brain. They engage active recall and you force your brain to remember a concept. Using flashcards improves the connection of synapses. This makes using flashcards such a compelling method of memorization and continually improves ability to remember information which helps retain knowledge over the long-term.

5. Ask questions: Asking questions is the best way to learn. When you’re doing homework, mark the questions you don’t understand so that you can ask your teacher about them the next day. Don’t hesitate to ask the teacher to repeat an explanation or problem that you don’t understand. Ask for the different method in which you can solve the problem.

6. Break your syllabus into parts – Breaking the syllabus into parts like – difficult, medium, easy will help you cater to them on a priority basis. Try and complete the difficult ones before and the easiest ones later. This will allow you to tackle the difficult topics with a fresh mind and will boost your confidence. For difficult problems, you can refer to the class 10 Maths NCERT solution available on different sites.

7. Good study place - Find a quiet place to study. Try and avoid mobile phones and other distractions. You will probably be tempted to join your friends who are planning to meet up and study together but stick to the routine that you have set up and follow it religiously.

8. Don’t cram at the last second: - Mathematics is not a theoretical subject. So rote learning will not be of much help. Try to practice the problems related to the formulas instead of just cramming them up.

10. Study in groups – Group studies help a lot. When you are stuck at some math problem, your friend can help you with it. One person can prepare one topic while the other can prepare a different one. Then the two can explain it to each other making the concept clear in a short span of time. Moreover, when one student explains a concept to another, he reinforces the concept for himself. Studying is useless if the knowledge gained can't be reproduced in the exams. Group studies substitute the role of a teacher, your own friend can be your guide. In group studies, different ideas fuse together to create a new one. It also enlarges the perspective of the student and makes him think out of the box.

10. Get an early start: You cannot master the subject in a month. It needs practice and dedication. The earlier you start the better you become at it. Starting early like at the start of a new session will give you much more time for practice. Setting up a study schedule and stick to it will help you in the long run. Begin your schedule several weeks before your math exam, so you have time to identify areas in which you have trouble. Choose a schedule that provides for regular work but does not require so much attention that you become burnt out.


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