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How to Choose Free SCADA to Ensure High Performance ?

It is an amazing change to be noted on how Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) landscape changed over the last one decade. Previously, there weren't a considerable number of options when it came to SCADA, but of course things change. Now, there are plenty of free SCADA programs in the market with various features, functionality, licensing options, and pricing.

With such a surge of SCADA and the high demand for its application, it has become difficult to choose a right solution for your projects. Here, we will discuss a few points one need to keep in mind while searching for an adequate SCADA free product to rightly implement and ease up your project.

Which SCADA software is the best?

This is a difficult question to answer. However, the question needs to be more streamlined as it is not about which SCADA software is the best; you should primarily consider which SCADA software is the best to be used for your project in hand. There are a number of factors to consider before choosing any SCADA free software in random.

 What is the nature of the data you have to monitor?
 What types of mechanism you use for data collection?
 What sort of HMI (Human Machine Interface) is used?
 From where the data comes, from local machines or through internet?
 How much manpower and time you can invest in implementing the SCADA solution?
 What kind of service and support you expect for the software?

Lastly, but most importantly,

 What is your budget and how much it will cost?

Choosing the best SCADA

There are many new-age products too as Winlog Pro SCADA, which offer a series of high-performance software and hardware products that can been effectively used for building SCADA HMI applications for automation. When compared to the old-age free SCADA solutions, the new products like Winlog Pro SCADA are much easier to use and are highly functional.

They are also reliable and easier to integrate by ensuring excellent interconnectivity. There are many industries to get benefited with such new-age SCADA solutions as system integrators, industrial machinery, manufacturers, plant operations, and public utility networks etc.

What all things to check for?

Ensure that you adopt a SCADA HMI, which ensures high-end technology, competitive producing, and excellent product portfolio along with thorough technical assistance and support.

 Free assistance

Authentic SCADA software providers used to offer free technical support for over a time period. They may also give free user training, and can offer premium dedicated support at a minimal maintenance cost.

 Assistance contracts

The users can also get into any kind of assistance contracts once the free SCADA support time period is over, in order to get a close technical support on a continuous basis. The users can choose from many packages like;

 Support over phone (up to 5 telephone calls etc.)
 Email Support (up to 5 hours)
 Support by QuickSupport
 Free update downloads etc.

There are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly packages to choose based on your needs. There are also opportunities to avail SCADA support as pay per incident, which is ideal for the light users.

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