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Learning with All the Senses: Best Book for Learning Letters

Although a common process is followed in schools or institutions to teach the students, every person has a unique approach towards learning. For some it is quite easy to learn a new thing by reading about it, while others require more visual cognition to learn the same thing.

With time as we move rapidly and progressively into developing newer and better things, innovations in the field of learning and teaching are also making their way into the mainstream. Today, even the visually impaired people are becoming advanced scholars. There is nothing that a child can’t achieve as a learner, especially academically. The methods used are increasingly student-centric that offer a student the necessary freedom to adopt a particular method, and also a different approach if it works for him/her. The emphasis is on learning with ease, yet making the process as enjoyable as possible.

The role of better visuals in the form of advanced books
Whether it is a toddler or an adult, colors equally attract us, and when it comes to learning, a higher use of colors in depicting information is the best way to engage someone. An old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, perfectly resonates the fact that it is important to feel and imagine what a student is trying to learn, and that will happen when it entices a learner’s attention. For instance, the best book for learning letters for kids would be the one that has more pictures and less letters. So, if a child needs to learn about a camel, it is important to first know what it looks like, and slowly progress towards learning its spelling.

When all the senses come into play
It is often seen that a blind man has a stronger hearing and smelling power. His other senses grow stronger as he loses one. So, it is important to motivate kids to focus on using more than one sense while learning even the simplest of things. The modern abc books for toddlers do just that. These amazing alphabet books use proven techniques to help your child read and write easily. Your child will learn with these multisensory books to see, hear, and feel how letters are made. You will learn why you should teach letter sounds before letter names.

With the emphasis on the right learning method, your toddler will soon start to spell out the words faster than his/her peers.

Author’s Bio : The author is an avid writer. This article is about best approach towards early learning.


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