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The Wedding Guest Guide To Be Fashionable

Every wedding is like preparing for a war. You want to be ready but there are too many things that could go wrong. You could plan the perfect get up and then realize that you don’t have the correct jewelry for it. So much trouble, right?

Choices are what could make it or break it for you at any wedding. Maybe you are preparing for your friend’s wedding and it’s absolutely important for you to look at your absolute best. Weddings aren’t usually the place to experiment but millenials are rule breakers right? Do you want to stand out at the wedding and fit in with the perfect balance of both worlds?

For those looking to style different this wedding season, here are some fun and unique tips to improve your wedding style. Be different this season, it’s the new mantra.

1.Stilettos be gone: Stilettos are painful to wear, period. There, we said it. It’s difficult to move and run around in a wedding when your feet is hoisted up from the ground by a few inches. With the return of handloom sarees, it’s time you give up on stilettos and boot up instead! That’s right, boots are the new heels.

2.Shades for Life: If you are at a wedding that’s being held outside, the last thing you want is the sun’s glare on your just-mascaraed eyes. Pick up a nice pair of sunglasses that compliments your outfit and go for it. Nothing looks better than the shady look and it adds a good oomph factor to you. It’s the perfect combination of masculine look and feminine etiquettes.

3.Necklace can be a good Maang Tikka: Gone are the days when Maang Tikka’s were supposed to be dainty and subtle. A good wedding hack to know is that necklaces can make great Maang Tikka’s too. It’s big and demands the viewers’ attention and is a great way to stand out in the crowd. And isn’t that the dream at every wedding?

4.Mix up the Colours: While on the subject of eyes, smokey eyes are a classic look but its old school. They have been done so many times that they have already gone out of style once, come back as retro and is now going again. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours on your eyes. Use colours that you wouldn’t usually think of and go for it. The idea is to keep the look artistic so that you stand out but don’t look crazy either.

5.Flat iron is just for your hair: Ironed Clothes: Yes; Ironed and flat hair: Absolutely not!
While flat hair is common, try something different like boxer braids. They are insanely cool and all the craze among the young folks these days. Just remember that crazy good hairstyle for a wedding does not include getting a perm for a wedding.

Use these tips to make your wedding outfit elegant but outstanding. Find that balance of femininity and individuality and make the best of it.


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