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Common Uptime Monitoring Services

Uptime is a one of the important factors for a website to gain credibility among the visitors. In general, uptime is the time in which the website is up, running and available to the visitors or the clients. Any changes in the uptime leads to the downtime of the website. Therefore, to keep your site up, you need to monitor it with the help of the uptime monitoring services. Some of the services that are used for checking the uptime of the website are:

Ping monitoring
This pings your website to make sure that your website is up and running. Ping monitoring senses the missing connection that leads to downtime of the website and notifies you. Along with this, it also provides information regarding Internet connection speed and downtime statistics. Here, the internet connection speed is important as slow websites are not better when compared to down sites. However, this is not good for monitoring websites as it responses to the ping requests even if the website is down.

DNS server monitoring
The DNS server is able to provide in-depth information regarding the up-time by translating the online address into the numerical address with the help of a DNS protocol. This also provides information with respect to protocol failures, network outages, etc. The important point to be noted here is during the translation if the online address doesn’t match with the numerical address, DNS will sense it and reports the error showing it as hacked.

HTTP monitoring
HTTP is used for transferring the data online, with some set of rules telling the server and web browser what information to exchange and also HTTP requests tests whether there is HTTP response from the web server. Due to this continuous transfer of information HTTP provides data about the HTTP traffic. Advanced monitoring gives the additional information about the SSL certificates.

TCP monitoring
TCP connection will allow the arbitrary services to be tested. Here, the TCP port monitoring will transfer the data between the network devices using the strategy of retransmission. It becomes clear quickly because of its quality monitoring and helps in host to host communications. If the TCP port fails, the monitor will alert the users regarding the faulty transmission.

To make your website stay alive, you need to monitor the uptime of a website consistently as part of website monitoring. This should be done either by the web hosting provider or by the website owner hosting the site. Regular uptime monitoring at multiple points keeps your business safe.



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