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What are the key elements for modern hospitality marketing?

Today’s customers are increasingly tech-savvy and this leading them to demand for higher standards. However these repeatedly changing standards have become difficult for hospitality related business to reach their targets. So the modern hospitality marketing strategies in the online world can give a competitive advantage to the hospitality industry.

Here are some of the key elements for modern hospitality marketing.
Online Presence and Social Media

The days are gone where just having a big hotel or restaurant in a perfect tourism place is enough to attract customers – Don’t keep these expectations now.

Online presence must be a vital part for hospitality marketing and hotel/restaurant should have high quality website with online booking system. Nowadays many hotel review sites are becoming more and more popular and it is important to be active in these websites to promote your brand name.
This much is not enough, still there is another way to keep up to date with the customers i.e. through FaceBook and Twitter. Every hotels/restaurants should have a FaceBook page and twitter page where you can easily build a good relationship with the customers by sharing videos, customer’s experience, reviews, special offers and events at your business throughout the local area.

Email and Content Marketing

This may be old marketing idea, but still email marketing is more beneficial. An email marketing campaigns are the best way to communicate with the customers daily, especially during any special events and promoting the best deals. So buying mailing lists can be the effective way to reach specific customers.
Engage your audience by posting relevant blogs and updates in your website; this is an excellent way to give your business personally. Also this would definitely be an affordable way to get involved with your audience compared to direct marketing.

Highly Integrated Hospitality Management System

Many hotels/restaurants, hospitals and car rental agencies are using some type of customer relationship management to satisfy their customer needs. These industries are adopting highly integrated hospitality management system. For example, many restaurants and hotels are collecting guest preferences for their database so that their visitors can have more personalized experiences upon their next stay. The database may include points about room beverage choices, temperature in the room thermostat and welcoming guests. So in next visit, customers are greeted with their preferred choices.

Increase Accessibility with Mobile Devices

Desktop computers are virtually extinct and got replaced with the smart phones and tablets. Many industries that are beneficial from hospitality management system are using mobile devices. These smart devices in fit their strategic vision, operational methods and finally budgets better than desktop computers in many cases. For example, hotel staffs can engage guests and take care of their needs in real time when hotels replace the desktop with smart computing mobile devices. Also these devices are less expensive compared to desktop computers.

Reviews and Ratings

The single and most effective way to improve the marketing value for any business is to manage online reviews and ratings. Seriously think about all the places from where your guests and customers give their reviews and ratings for your business. There are many platforms to write reviews and ratings for hotels such as TripAdvisior, yelp and online travel agencies like Expedia, Travelocity along with the social media networks like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. So it’s important to manage your online reviews and ratings in these platforms.
In the modern hospitality marketing, technology should be used to speed up brand promotions as well as operations to gather detailed information about the customers in a better way. It’s important to keep your customer returning and welcome them back – with effective modern marketing strategies and technologies.


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