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4. Best Tips for HVAC Maintenance

The value of your already implanted HVAC system is only visible when it stops working. Nothing is more annoying than a sudden breakdown of your heating or cooling systems that comforts you. Even after knowing the importance of our air conditioning units, most of us do not pay much attention towards the regular maintenance.

If HVAC units are not being handled properly, they can cost you a great amount in energy wastage. Clogged filters, dirty thermostats, non-lubricated fan motors and leaky ductwork can be some of the reasons that cut down the cooling or heating efficiency by 25%. As a part of your regular home maintenance, you can easily look after some of these issues but the others would require professional assistance. Mentioned below are some precaution tips that could help in regular maintenance and prevent your air conditioners from a major shutdown.

1. Heating pumps Maintenance - Your heating pump doesn’t ask for much pampering. Only a yearly service is enough that offer:

● Replacement of belts if needed
● Placement of new filters if required
● oiling of several moving parts and close inspection of wiring

2. Gas fire furnace maintenance - The gas fire furnaces are meant to provide heat and have little requirements. The furnace filters need to be replaced once in a month during the heating season and the oiling of centralized fan must be done yearly. It is advised to arrange a professional for inspection of:

● Heat exchanger
● Flue and ducts
● To adjust the burner

3. Oil fire furnace maintenance - It requires professional annual maintenance.

● Check the fan belt
● Lubricate the blower motor fittings
● Clean the burner nozzle

4. Air-Conditioner maintenance - Since we use our AC’s more in the summer and less in winters, it is suggested to have the cooling units checked before and after every cooling season.

● Clean and replace of air filters
● Vacuum out the unit
● Lubricate the motor
● Check the refrigerant pressure

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