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Understanding the Basics of SCADA for Different Business Industries

SCADA, acronym of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is considered to be backbone of modern businesses. It brings in automation in the business process as well as in production process. As a result, business management cost and production cost significantly go down. This induces higher profitability and better chances for sustaining business on the long run. SCADA has been applied in various industries. From small businesses to large scale businesses, today every contemporary business house needs to embrace it for better business performance. To implement this system SCADA Free open source platforms can be found. Using the free open source frameworks fetches satisfactory results.

Application of SCADA for Different Industries

SCADA, the industrial automation control system, can be applied for various industries. Any contemporary business that wants to embrace technologies to enhance production as well as profitability will be benefitted by this free SCADA framework. However, for implementing it, you still may require robust and professional solutions from good service providers. Service providers analyze the scopes for implementing, carry out complete audit and then make the implementation in real time. Commonly, the following industries can be benefitted by SCADA:

• Energy manufacturing industry

• Food processing industry

• Recycling industry

• Transportation industry

• Electrical industry

Implementing SCADA helps various types of businesses, including small size and large size businesses. The benefit is that implementing this robust system does not have too many complications. One can find SCADA free open source framework that can perfectly benefit any business house or organization with precision.

Evolution of SCADA

Free SCADA traces its history to the evolution of mini computers which happened in the year of 1950. This was the first time when computer was used for industrial purposes. Clearly, minicomputer of the year of 1950 was in crude state. However, it was still capable of bringing significant changes through automation within an organization or business. The term SCADA was first coined in the year of 1970. This clearly shows that SCADA is not something new or unique for the modern era. It was there for the long time, but the concept got flourished only in recent times. With high end microprocessors and programmable log controllers (PLC), SCADA implementation has become more feasible and easier. Further with the wide applications of LAN (Local Area Network), SCADA gets further opportunities for getting evolved. With the advancement of technologies and introduction of SQL (Structured Query Language), SCADA turns into one of the major components for business automation.

Benefits of SCADA

SCADA Free brings automation in a business production and management process. It can prove to be beneficial for a business in various ways. First of all, it enhances productivity and time effective for project management for a business. It helps reducing human efforts and as a result profitability increases for a business. Today, every business house wants to embrace automation in order to deal with inflation. Keeping inflation under control is the key for taking a business towards its goals. As a business turns out to be more profitable, it becomes easier to make decisions related to business expansion.

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