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Tighten The Security Of Your Garage With These 10 Tips

When looking at the security of a home or work front, garage doors are a common weak point. Not only they can lead to injuries if not maintained but can also become target of thieves to enter inside the property. Hence, it is very important to focus on their security 24/7. Securing is not only rolling up the doors but much more. Check out some very best tips that are definite to protect your garage, be it commercial or residential.

1)Never misplace the remote anywhere. If anyhow, someone gets it besides you or your known people, they can easily get a way to enter inside the property.

2)Opt for a keychain remote opener, as it is possible to leave on the keys.

3)Make sure to secure the garage door emergency release. Learn the appropriate ways to throw zip-ties on the emergency release and retain the needed function.

4)In case of residential garage doors, put a deadbolt on the door between the garage and home.

5)Have a sturdy and strong door that’s made of either reinforced steel or solid-core wood.

6)Never ever leave the door open unnecessarily.

7)To keep an eye on the surroundings and refrain from opening the door every time to check what’s going on the nearby areas, install a wide-angle peephole in the door that’s between your garage and home or work front.

8)Cover or frost the garage windows. You can replace the door with the one that has no window. This will help in keeping the outsiders away from seeing whether there is someone inside the garage or not.

9)When you are out of city or town, padlock the throw latch. If in case, you don’t have a manual lock, use a c-clamp tightened down on both side of the door track. Doing so will lock the door effectively.

10)Last but not the least, never neglect maintenance on the mechanical parts, especially in roll-up doors. Moreover, keep an eye on corrosion too. Locks, frames and hinges should also be checked time to time.

These easy tips will surely raise the security level of your garage. However, before starting with these suggestions, make sure your door is maintained and not broken or damaged. In case it is, go for garage door replacement and buy a new and robust door.

Be it commercial property or residential, it is important to give serious attention to their garage door not only in terms of strength but also its appeal.
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