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Secrets Of Successful Student

Everyone wants to be successful. But achieving success requires certain efforts. You need to work to get good results. Here are certain traits of good students that you can imbibe in order to successful.

1. Do not bite more than what you can chew -One should not try to accomplish all tasks at once. Good students never make unrealistic goals. They take baby steps and set goals which are achievable. Because trying to do everything at once will just stress you and make you less efficient.

2. Schedule your time- Successful students have a proper plan for their studies. You can choose the appropriate time of the day according to your choice. Having a schedule increases efficiency.

3. Practice makes a man perfect – The more you practice the better you become at it. Proper planning along with practice promotes good performance. Practice helps to clear the concepts and etch the information into your memory so that you remember it clearly during the exams. The most important things that you not supposed to ignore is solving previous year cbse board papers class 12. Previous year board paper always gives you the idea and pattern of your exam paper which helps you to study according to the paper.

4 Stick to your timetable-Just making a timetable is not enough. Good student makes a timetable and makes it a point that sticks to it. One should not procrastinate because it turns up to be futile and you get into the habit of procrastinating. A successful student ensures that the work is done on time and never kept for future.

5. Tread the difficult path first- Successful people usually take up the most difficult task first. This allows you to work on the task with a fresh mind. You can put in the much-needed effort and the joy of completing the task will give you a sense of victory. The other tasks will seem to be small in comparison to it and you will find them much easier.

6. Jot down the notes – Do you remember borrowing notes of the topper of the class during exams? This is one trait which any student who get good marks has. One should cultivate the habit of making notes. Notes are a brief of the vast sea of the syllabus. Making notes makes your concept clear. It is easier to refer to them during the exams.

7. Divide your time – If you do not plan your time according to the study priorities then it will be of much help. Dividing your time according to the priority, giving more time to the difficult things and trying to complete the easier tasks soon. Students who tame time tend to be more successful.

8. Say no to distraction – If you have scheduled a specific time then you should not waver from it. Avoid distraction like television, internet, games and mobile phones during that time. Concentration is the key to success.

9. Study place: Your study place has a major impact on you. One should choose a calm and quiet atmosphere instead of a noisy one. The total concentration should only be on studies. The study place of a good student should be uncluttered and organised.

10 Stay healthy – A successful student knows the value of good health. No one should underestimate the power of good health. A sound body and mind will allow you to put in more effort and will help you achieve more.


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