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The Importance Of Tracing While Learning Alphabet For Kids

Introducing toddlers to alphabets needs to be a process that is made very interesting, so that the kid doesn’t take it as a burden but enjoys learning and practicing it. While there could be many ways including rhymes, picture clues and coloring activities to make them familiar with the ABCs, tracing acts as a wonderful support as they are able to register better and for longer.

When toddlers start tracing each letter, they are able to build an image that they can retain. It is all about the shapes and forms the letters take that makes learning alphabet for kids interesting. And that is the reason why it is important to include this tactile experience of tracing in their curriculum.

Research has revealed that tracing is also the fastest alphabet learning exercise for toddlers and here is one of the right approaches towards it.

1. You should identify the kid’s “reader finger” and ensure that they use their dominant hand during the exercise. Also, make sure that they do not end up switching fingers during the exercise. It is important to let it be constant at all times so that they can register the shape and sound as well as the name of the letter in a better and quicker manner.

2. The best baby & toddler alphabet books demonstrate how the upper and lower case letters are to be traced, from top to bottom, following certain curves rather than doing it randomly every time. Also, while the kids are at it, you should say the name of the letter out loud and point at an image or picture that the letter stands for. You can gently guide their reading finger in the tracing direction if they need help for the first few times.

3. Eventually, let the kid do all the tracing and naming independently. You can just tell them whether they did it right or wrong and gently, correct them in case they named or traced a letter incorrectly. You need to be patient and take it one letter at a time so that it does not get too overwhelming for the child. You could also divide the alphabet into sets and assign a particular period of time for learning every set. While the individual learning abilities may differ between children, you should assign a reasonable number of days for learning and testing a particular set of letters, before introducing the next letters or sets.

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