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4 Factors to Consider While Choosing Right PRP Kit

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) is widely known for containing various growth factors which stimulate healing and regeneration of human body(bone and soft tissue). Platelet rich plasma treatments are being used in a variety of applications including dermatology, plastic surgery, dentistry, and even to stimulate hair growth. Unfortunately, extracting platelet rich plasma can be time-consuming and difficult in many medical settings. To overcome this problem the professional PRP kit was developed. While every kid has the same end goal, producing platelet rich plasma, they all operate a little differently. This means choosing the wrong kits can lead to higher costs, lost time, and less effective treatments.

The first step to choosing a PRP kit is to choose the ones that satisfy both simplicity of use and economically suitable price. One of the recommendations is all-in-one package, which every component necessary for PRP procedure is packed altogether. Additional cost for those external products or components cannot be ignored. Fortunately, there are several all-in-one kits which have been proven effective and are readily available.

The second step is to eliminate any PRP kit which is difficult to use. Along with providing an all-in-one solution a driving force behind the development of the PRP kit was to streamline the platelet rich plasma gathering process. This with simple operation or protocol helps saving time for preparation of PRP. Also, it lightens the burden on practical users who have to go through the whole process of blood gathering, centrifuge, and extraction of platelet rich plasma with professional skills.

The third characteristic to consider is consistency. And easy to use all-in-one PRP kit will not prove to be a good choice if it cannot provide consistent results. The key point of PRP treatment is in the concentration rate of platelet. PRP kits that are unstable or made with cheap materials lead to a highly variable rate of PLT concentration. Consistency is essential to generating platelet rich plasma and ensuring all treatments are equally effective. There are a variety of factors which can affect overall treatment results so it is important to consider how each kit is designed to be used and whether it is appropriate for a terrific office setting.

The final step in selecting a kit is focusing on efficiency. A comprehensive kit requires no additional syringes for blood extraction which must be transferred to the kit for PRP separation. This blood transferring process may cause a contamination through exposure to the air when using needles for blood transfer. The best option is to utilize a design which the syringe can function as the kit itself, so that it can be spun in the centrifuge after blood gathering right away. 3E PRP is one of the professional PRP kits which satisfy all these aspects.

At a glance, it is easy to see how many people believe all PRP kits are the same. The truth is there are a range of kits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. To choose the right PRP kit it is important to consider how it will be used. Once this has been accomplished then the customer can focus on all in one kits which are easy to use, provide consistent results, and allow for efficient treatment practices.

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