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Sales Training - How Much and How Often?

The question is often asked by managers, "How much and how often should I do sales training?" This points to several dilemmas facing sales managers:

1. When they hold teaching for their team, their sales people are not selling. Although the training should help them to be more productive, at least for the time that they are in class, the sales people are not selling.

2. The level of teaching isn't appropriate for everyone. If the training is too simple, then experienced people will view it as a waste of their time. If the training is too advanced, perhaps less experienced sales people will tune out.

3. The training is viewed as an expenditure and it might be difficult to measure the return on investment.

So, for sales managers who would like to know how significantly and how usually to conduct teaching, here are some useful tips:

Before training, assess your team: Most sales teams will reflect a mix of experience and talent among their sales people. A good sales manager will assess their team for strengths and weaknesses. This assessment will include everyone - new people as well as old timers. The type and regularity of sales exercising will in huge part be determined by the outcome of the assessment. With a solid assessment, the sales manager can tailor their training program to satisfy the needs of their team as a whole and for specific sales people.

Define the outcomes for the training: Sales training can be oriented to the technical sales process, to advanced sales skills, or towards product information. In some cases, the objective of training will be motivational; however, motivational teaching tends to have a limited short-term effect. Managers should use the outcomes of the assessments to conduct targeted teaching which will shore up the general weaknesses of the overall sales team. They should also conduct targeted training for those individual who need specific skills or knowledge.

Make sure everyone is trained on the basics: The entire sales team needs to be great the basics which fall into three broad categories. First, the basics include the components of the sales process: prospecting, needs identification, feature-benefit solutions, and closing. The basics also include product information on both your own products and the competition. Finally, the basics include those things that are unique to your company's lifestyle or to your industry. Just like a professional sports team has spring pre-season or teaching camp, sales managers need to hold simple training for everyone from time to time. Use your experienced sales people to lead breakout session or reinforce the basic training. This will not only keep them sharpened on the basics, but also leverage their knowledge and keep them engaged in the training.

So the answer to the question, "how much and how usually" is "it depends." It depends on the experience and performance of the sales team. In some cases an one or two-day workshop could be useful even though it takes people out of production. Hopefully, by enhancing specific skills the overall performance will be improved with corresponding boosts in sales and revenue. In other situations, shorter more frequent training sessions could be needed. This can often be integrated into weekly or monthly sales meetings. With advances in technology, this type of training can even be performed using webinars brought by the sales managers or nearly all experienced sales people. In the end, the answer to the issue is a judgment call made by the general sales manager or senior sales executive. Although there is always the tension between conducting teaching and taking people away from their on a daily basis sales activities, just remember that the best teams are also the best trained.


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