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Dental Treatment Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Your teeth greatly affect your entire body. If they are healthy, chances are that you are healthy as well. A missing tooth can greatly affect your speech, bite and eating options. Many people tend to rely on their remaining teeth, which is a bad idea as this can increase the chances of these teeth prematurely wearing out, or getting damaged or lost. Headaches and jaw pain can also go along with this problem.
The good news is that there are several options for tooth replacement, ranging from long-term to temporary solutions. A good candidate is one who has at least one missing tooth, or is not satisfied with their current dentures, regardless of their age. Below are some of today’s best dental treatment options for replacing missing teeth.
• Denture. Perhaps the most common solution today, dentures are an easy way to adapt to for many patients. There are others, however, who find them uncomfortable or intolerable because of differences in the shape and size of their jaw to that of the denture.
• Fixed bridge. A connected set of replacement teeth, a fixed bridge is cemented on top of the teeth beside the empty space to get support. The outer layer of these adjacent teeth will have to be grinded down before the bridge is attached.
• Metal partial. A less fragile option that is attached with wire clips, a metal partial is a removable partial denture that is cast in plastic and metal. This partial denture can easily be removed and replaced as the user pleases, particularly during eating.
• Implants. Dental implants offer a permanent, comfortable solution, supporting replacement teeth or special dentures, and is growing in popularity today. It does not damage healthy teeth like bridges does and can last a lifetime when properly cared for.
• Flipper. This is a temporary and affordable but fragile solution for missing teeth. This is a removable plastic tooth that comes with a plastic retainer. Being a short-term solution, it will have to be replaced with the other options above.

With the advances in cosmetic dentistry today, it is good news that we now have so many options to get a great smile despite missing some teeth. Talk to a qualified dentist in your area now and ask about the available options for replacing missing teeth. By doing so, you can make an informed decision concerning your tooth replacement.


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