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Seven Revision Tips To Excel In Exams

Students worry about retention while preparing for exams. The idea during exams is to maximise the performance and for the same revision have a potent impact.
Some of the tips & tricks, curated from the wisdom of teachers and students who have scored well in the exams are as under:-

1.Develop a study plan: The key to breaking the cycle of cramming is to make an effective study plan and having a clear vision. This routine ensures sheer wastage of your precious time and will enable to move ahead in an organised manner.

2.Begin from the scratch: Making notes of your subjects at the last moment is not a recommended game plan. A more effective way is to refer to condensed notes having important formulae, terms, equations etc. Scan this several times before your run up to the exam. Go through your previous ISC board year exam papers for better road map of your study.

3.Practicing active learning: Speaking on the terms for 30 seconds to 1 minute will make you confront the depth of your grasp on topics. Keep on trying to speak about these topics at a trot. Making a story out of the term will be helpful in recollection and ensure that you don’t black out.

4.Solve previous year questions paper: For those who want to surpass excellence, this tip is worth the effort. Choose most fitting questions from CBSE books. It will entail setting up your own version of a full exam paper. Previous year papers are important from the exam perspective. Solving the previous year papers makes you aware of the exam pattern. It helps you to understand how prepared you are for the examination.

5.Testing your memory: Now that you have scanned the chart, why not try making it up again? Train your mind to come up with details by writing and memorising, just solving the paper is not enough, you need to assess your performance too. Evaluate your strength and weaknesses and the topics in which you had difficulty or confusion. The incorrect or unanswered questions should be evaluated too.

6.Improve time management skills – Solving the paper in the given time will help you sharpen your time-management skills. By solving the papers the students come to know the time taken to solve and with practice they can even solve the paper in less time.

7.Take regular study breaks: After all, we are not super-humans. You cannot maintain an optimum level of concentration without giving yourself some time to recover from the work. This can be in the form of a 10-minute walk, having a chat with a friend or even treating yourself to a hot refreshing drink.
While these are what works for most, there aren’t really any sure shot hard and fast rules when it comes to learning. Each individual needs to figure out what works best for them by establishing a routine and following that.


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