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Islam: It’s all about truth and peace

What is religion? Why do we need god? These are some of the questions that have been housed in the human mind for centuries and still nobody knows the exact answer to these. There have been preachers who conveyed their religion and sometimes even tried to enforce the same on others.

Islam is one religion where a person has to follow just the text of Holy muslimsapp.com/' target='_blank'>Quran and the five pillars of Islam laid down by Prophet Muhammad. One of the five pillars is five times prayer in a day (Salah or Namaz) which has to be done at a particular time only facing towards Mecca (Kaaba). The direction of Kaaba is called Qibla which can be determined with the help of stars or using a mobile app on a smartphone.

In fact praying to god makes your mind peaceful and pure and free of sinful thoughts. That is the reason why Islam emphasizes on offering Namaz five times a day and at particular time. Time of prayer makes it possible for the follower of faith to pray together to the god and also induces a sense of discipline among the followers.

Now all this does not answer the basic question of need of god. People need someone to rely on in times of good and bad. In Islam whenever a person is in any mood there is a Dua (extract from the Quran) which can be recited to get the blessings and support of Allah and get helped in achieving the salvation.

Islam is a religion of peace and teaches each of its follower the language of peace and harmony and how to live together, helping each other and supporting the needy. There is only one aim that is there, to achieve Jannat and be with Allah. Mosques or Masjid’s are places where a person can feel closer to Allah, offer Salah, offer a Dua not only for self but also for the one who needs to be remembered for attaining the eternal peace.
All the things mentioned above are just a handful of thoughts that can describe Islam as a religion of non-complex, peace, and truth, believing only on Allah as one god and following the right practices of lifestyle.

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