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How To Score In Chemistry

Scoring well in chemistry for many of students it kind of a difficult task. Chemistry is a subject which entails equations, formula, diagrams and lots of derivation. Some formula and diagrams are easy to remember/ understand but some are very completed that student cannot easily understand. For understanding, all the complex equation and diagrams students need to work a little harder. But along with hard work students have to work smartly.

Here are some smart tips that help in score in chemistry :
Understand Chemistry: Chemistry is just not a single subject, but it is combination of many parts such as,
Inorganic chemistry,
Organic chemistry chemistry,
Physical chemistry,
Analytical chemistry,

All these mentioned are the parts of chemistry. Therefore, before starting preparation of exams of chemistry, Just know how the marks are distributed and what weightage do these carry. Then according to the marks, prepare your exams.
Talk to concerned teachers: Never hesitate to ask a question to the teachers or even to your classmate. Sometimes Guidance of the teacher is very necessary when you are facing problems in particular subject. Highlight the problem in front of them in which you are facing difficulties. Teachers always motivate the student who wants to learn. Some teachers even give extra classes.

Master the periodic table: Chemistry is full of the symbols, elements, compounds etc. Every element in chemistry has a unique symbol. As hydrogen is denoted as H, Oxygen is denoted as O, Tin is denoted as Sn, etc. If you are not clear about the symbol used for the particular element, then you will not able to learn chemistry.

Master Nomenclature: Without knowing the basics of English (alphabets), you are not able to read an English book. In the same way without knowing the nomenclature of chemistry, you are not able to identify the molecular structure and its property. Therefore in order to learn chemistry, you have to learn nomenclature. NCERT solutions for class 12 chemistry provide a brief description of nomenclature. Take help from the textbook and explore chemistry.

Good Study Habits: Keep up with your work. If you attend class regularly, keep up with readings, and take notes conscientiously, studying can be a relatively pain-free process. Make sure to review and expand upon class notes regularly throughout the semester. Try to the solved paper of 2016 chemistry to know the pattern of final examination. Consider developing a glossary or collection of notes or flash cards for vocabulary which you can review in every class.

Brush your mathematics skills: Chapters like electrochemistry, surface chemistry, and chemical kinetics are full of logs and quadratic equations. In order to learn these topics, you need to be clear about the basic concept of solving logs and quadratic equations. Having knowledge about the basic rule of math’s help you lot in chemistry to learn in an easy way.


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