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A Guide to Common Soccer Betting Terms

If you are entering into the world of betting for the first time, there is a lot of things you need to learn about before starting up. The main thing you need to learn before fixing soccer bet is about terminology. Yes, you must and should know about the meaning of each and every term in betting to avoid confusions.

Asian bet experts suggest all the new players learn terms mainly before knowing all the rules and regulations. So that you can easily handle the bets by simply knowing all the terms and their meanings. Here our best soccer tipster suggests some common terms as follows.

Accumulator: A bet where the winnings from one bet are placed on the following bet. The winnings accumulate a large returns, it is not very profitable as it only takes one to lose and your whole bet loses.

Asian Handicap: Popular in Asia. It is a type of bet where one team is given a handicap to make the odds of beating the handicap around even's. It's a special bet that allows an advantage of goals before the match starts.

Banker: Banker is one or more bets that have been played in a combo bet. If banker losses one of the bets the player will lose the entire coupon amount. It is most likely to win the bet.

Betting exchange: It is betting without the mediation of bookmarkers. Here player doesn't buy odds from the bookmaker, but the other player offers better odds for the match.

Bookmaker: Generally known as Bookie, he generates the odds on an event. He accepts bets on those events.

Canadian: It is also known as Super Yankee. It is a system which consists of 5 options in which every player need to win at least 2 options in order to get good returns. It creates 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and an accumulator for the user.

Decimal odds: In this, the odds are expressed as a decimal, with the stake included in the total price. For example, decimal odds of 3 equal fractional odds of 2/1, as the stake is included in the former but not the latter.

Drifter: This is a bet where the price of the bet is rising, where the odds are said to be drifting. For example, the team is with 2.5 early, later it has moved to 3.2 then it is called as the drifter.

European Handicap: In this bet, you will have the full advantage from the opponents. In this handicap, three prices are quoted for each match one for the team giving the handicap, one for the team with the handicap and the other for the handicap draw.

Even's: If you invest your money on even's and it wins, you can double your money by this. A bet where the odds are calculated as 1/1 fractional or 2 decimal.

Fixed odds: In this betting, you will know what you are going to win or lose at the time of placing the bet. In this betting, the winnings and liabilities are fixed.

Fractional odds: It is the popular way to express odds in Britain. It expresses only the winning part of the bet.

Half time/Full time : It is a special type of bet in which the player is required to match the result of a match at half-time, and also the final result of the match.

Handicap: Is the lead given by sports books to one team. The teams which showing much better performance in relation to the opponent, in order to offer better odds.

Lay a Bet: It is the duty of bookmaker when he accepts a bet. Even you can lay a bet on every bet exchange.

Odds against: It means the bet where the odds are greater than evens.

Odds on: It is the bet where the odds are less than evens.

Score bet : It is a special bet where you can predict the final result and the first or last goal scorer in a match.

Special bets : These are the advanced bets relating to any sporting event.

Stake : It is the amount you bets on a match.

Three-way : It is a kind bet which has 3 possible outcomes.

Tipster : It is the person or group of people who gives us tips and advice on the match.

Yankee : It is a system in which the player makes 4 selections. It creates 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. To win, at least 2 of the selections must be successful.

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