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Planning Your Wedding? Here Are A Few Ideas For Wedding Stages (Mandaps).

Weddings are exquisite, lovely and beautiful. The decorations and food are the most pleasing things at the weddings. Yes, these are the only two things among other millions of things at a marriage that appease guests. Are you surprised? We hope not. Anyway, marriages give us memories. We yearn to experience the same enthusiasm, energy, excitement, and fun. Don't we? Marriage stages make them even more memorable. Except to the brides, to whom their wedding dress is far more important than anything else in the marriage. Most brides keenly participate in planning the decorations with wedding planners and we love that! First of all, congratulations! We congratulate you on finding the love of your life, and to help you with your marriage preparations (decorations) here are a few ideas for elegant wedding stages.

We know how difficult it is to select one wedding stage among the many beautiful wedding stages in wedding planner's catalogues. This is the part where couples hate their wedding planners the most! Well, you won't have to. Since, we'll tell you all there is to know about wedding stages. So let's start!

Wedding stages or Mandaps herein refer to makeshift structures with four pillars, generally setup for marriage ceremonies, where the couples pledge to each other under the sacred fire to spend the rest of their life with each other faithfully. Most wedding stages have four pillars either made of wood or light metal. A wedding stage also accommodates up to 5 elegantly curved spacious chairs, which are meant for the couples to sit. Other chairs are occupied by different members of the family as the marriage rites are performed by the pandit or purohit. Now when you know what wedding stages are, here are some of the classic or all-time favourite wedding stages!

The curved wood peacock mandap

Peacocks are sacred. We Indians consider them auspicious, plus this beautiful bird shows a lot of sophistication. What we're really trying to say is the curved wood peacock mandap has the same sophistication. This wedding stage is a brilliant mix of beige (wood) and red (rose) colors. Rose decorations highly compliment this stage. The top of this wedding stage is covered with a fluttering golden net cover, which lends it an utterly elegant look!

The curved wood peacock mandap is a perfect wedding stage, if you are looking for something simple yet elegant.

Glittering White Crystal Mandap

This stage looks straight out of a Disney's fairy tale. The pillars glitter as pristine transparent crystal. The stage is complete white including the chairs. Instead of an elegant canopy, this clandestine marriage stage boasts of fancy border with icicle formations (another resemblance from Disney's). Small Chandeliers adorn the ceiling.

If you ever dreamt of having a Disney's like marriage, this wedding stage is the closest that can take you to realize your dreams.

Apart from the above mentioned wedding stages, other popular designs are Sankheda Mandap, Golden Raj Mandap, White Silk Mandap, Modern Crystal Mandap, and Hand- Crafted Wood Mandap, each one looking elegant than the other. You can check out these designs at our website. Or if you have been musing over a different wedding stage, tell us and we'll help you bring your dream stage to life.

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